COVID RACKET: Biden stole $1 billion from U.S. taxpayers by overpaying for Chinese covid “test” kits

All the controversy about what Joe Biden and his crime family received in the form of illegal cash payments during his vice presidency under Barack Hussein Obama is just a drop in the bucket compared to what Biden and his cronies stole in order to purchase Chinese-made covid “test” kits.

Estimates range from $900 million to $1.1 billion as to the amount of money Biden stole from United States taxpayers in order to buy pallets upon pallets of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) test kits.

Reports indicate that Biden and his cronies paid $1 per test kit for 100,000 kits at a time. We know, however, that only 400 million covid test kits were purchased by the regime, the first batch being 300 million followed by an additional 100 million.

Simple math shows that at $1 a pop, this should have costed Americans no more than $400 million, as the more one buys of something the cheaper it gets per unit due to bulk discounts. So, what happened to the other $600 million that the Biden allegedly forked over to communist China for these test kits?

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Biden regime admits to spending $1.3 billion on covid test kits, so what happened to the other $900 million?

It turns out that the Biden regime claimed publicly that it spent $1.3 billion on 400 million covid test kits that were supposed to have cost $1 per kit. If this is true, then what happened to that other $900 million?

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The website Root for America published a report stating that, in reality, each test kit at such a purchase volume should have cost no more than 50 cents per kit, in which case only $200 million should have been spent by the Biden regime – leaving $1.1 billion unaccounted for.

This is where the $900 million to $1.1 billion figure range comes from, which begs lots of questions as to what happened to the rest of all that cash. Did the Biden Crime Family pocket some of it? Did the Biden Crime Family’s corrupt connections in Ukraine and communist China also get a cut? How much did “the big guy,” referring to Joe Biden himself, personally receive from the scam?

“Knowing the lifetime of corruption Biden has been involved in … and Hunter Biden’s laptop with proof of crimes, extortion and bribery … and proof that Biden himself is ‘the Big Guy’ … and knowing that the Bidens accepted $10 million from Burisma … and knowing Congressman James Comer says his committee’s investigation shows Biden stole $40 million as Vice President in multiple deals … Does anyone doubt that Biden and the Biden Crime Family got all or some portion of this $900 million to $1.1 billion overpayment?” asks Wayne Allyn Root.

“Perhaps the Big Guy got $100 million as a 10% commission. Maybe he split it 50 / 50 with the Chinese company (which is undoubtedly owned by the CCP). Or maybe Biden just kept the whole billion dollars of taxpayer money for himself.”

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“Maybe this is one of many government contracts that Biden used to rob taxpayers blind in the past 2 ½ years. Maybe he’s stolen tens of billions. Afterall, he’s no longer the VP. President Joe Biden is in the Big Leagues now! … Or maybe, Biden is really so dumb and incompetent, he simply overpaid a billion dollars of your taxpayer money to China and the CCP.”

What do you think happened to the extra $900 million to $1.1 billion that is completely unaccounted for? Tell us in the comments below. Root’s gut instinct is telling him that what took place with these covid test kits “was the crime of the century,” and that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) may be responsible for dividing up the loot “somewhere offshore.”

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