WATCH: ‘Libertarian’ Reason magazine goes full Pfizer-shill, smears RFK Jr.

Reason magazine has long been the foremost practitioner of corporate libertarianism; there is no big business boot they won’t lick in the name of the free market – never mind how corrupt or coercive that entity may be in reality outside of ideological tunnel-vision.

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Now they’ve fully transcended any vestige of actual libertarianism – as in, a philosophy that promotes individual liberty – by not just celebrating the COVID vaccines as some revolutionary accomplishment of The Science™ but actually cheerleading Operation Warp Speed – the objectively worst man-made Public Health™ catastrophe in world history.

Via Reason:

Alec Stapp, co-founder of the Institute for Progress, has assembled a team devoted to analyzing and applying the lessons of the pandemic. The institute has published papers arguing that Operation Warp Speed was a success that should be duplicated, for greater investment in indoor filtration, and for better biosurveillance. Stapp joined Reason’s Zach Weissmueller and Liz Wolfe for a live conversation about how to prevent the next global catastrophe.”

The millennial cuck from the “Institute for Progress” with the telltale vocal intonations that rise even when he’s not asking a question, Alec Stapp, claims that the shots (bankrolled and mandated by government, of course), generated “maybe the greatest return on investment of any government program in, like, fifty years.”

Yeah, like, totally  — if you’re a Pfizer shareholder. Not so much if you’re a taxpayer who subsidized the project to the tune of $18 billion and then offered up your body as a cash cow for the corporation, which then kept all of the profits generated and did not reimburse the public treasury.

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How very libertarian of them. Right, cucks? A real free market success story of private sector innovation, right?

Or is this the textbook definition of fascism – as described by RFK Jr.?

Liz Wolfe, incidentally, the Reason ditz framed in the top right above, is the same Liz Wolfe who recently produced a laughable smear of RFK Jr. for the same outlet, which was subsequently ratioed to high heaven.

In it, she insinuates that the anti-meat agenda by the globalist technocrats of the WEF variety is a conspiracy theory, says that the current regime of 72 childhood vaccines is a wondrous achievement of The Science™, claims the FDA is “overly cautious” in approving vaccines, etc.

“[RFK Jr.] frequently implies that the establishment is corrupt at best, evil at worst, and he winks at the existence of puppet masters pulling the strings of major institutions,” Wolfe laments in her most practiced disapproving teacher voice, complete with furrowed brows of concern.

How scandalous!

Liz Wolfe understands what none of us RFK-curious, ignorant rubes do: that our unelected technocratic overlords love us, and want us to be happy.

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