HUGE: President Trump Leads Joe Biden by 5 Points in Latest Poll – And Crushes Closest GOP Challenger by 40 Points in Primary

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FOX and Friends Weekend hosts on Sunday announced the latest Harvard-Harris poll and it is HUGE news for President Trump.

President Trump dominates the Republican field by 40 points in the national poll.

Trump holds the lead against his closest GOP opponent by 40 points. Trump is at 52% and Ron DeSantis is at 12%. Vivek Ramaswamy is at 10%.

And – President Trump beats Joe Biden by 5 points.

FOX News host Rachel Campos Duffy then quotes contributor Monica Crowley saying, “The primary’s effectively over for the Republicans. She doesn’t see how anyone can overcome this.”

Via Midnight Rider and FOX and Friends Weekend.

Source material can be found at this site.

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