Trump Ups the Ante: Suggests Mental Acuity Challenge with Joe Biden and Murdoch Boys Will Now Also Include a Physical Challenge

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President Donald Trump – fighter for the American people.

Earlier the month The Wall Street Journal ran a poll on Joe Biden and President Trump on the “age issue.”

It is clear to all Americans that Joe Biden does not have the physical or mental capacity to be president. Even the lapdogs in the mainstream media know this but dare not report this truth to the American public.

Lately, it’s become acceptable for the mainstream fake news to report on Joe Biden’s age by comparing him to President Trump. The difference is that President Trump knows what he ate for lunch and Joe Biden can’t find his way off a stage.

So the lapdog media is allowed to report on age if they use it as a tool to attack President Trump.

A recent Wall Street Journal poll found that President Trump leads Joe Biden by 26 points on the issue of age. It should be 100% and we all know it

President Trump decided to respond to the Wall Street Journal Sunday.

President Trump slammed the Wall Street Journal and then he challenged Joe Biden, Rupert Murdoch, his leftie sons, and the Wall Street Journal bigwigs to an acuity test.

On Monday President upped the ante.

Donald Trump says the mental acuity challenge will now include a physical challenge.
Via Midnight Rider.

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WATCH President Trump and His Physical Prowess in Several Sports – Even in his 70s he’s still got it!

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