The REAL plan comes out: Forced RELOCATION of 2+ million Palestinians so Israel can STEAL more land (Gaza)

The war in Gaza was never about just protecting the Jewish right “to exist.” It has always been about expanding stolen Jewish territory in the Middle East while relocating all indigenous Palestinians elsewhere, including throughout the West.

The $106 billion in “aid” that White House occupant Joe Biden just approved seems to actually point to the forced displacement of Palestinians from their own land.

Biden says he wants $106 billion more from American taxpayers to provide financial aid to not only the displaced residents of Gaza but also the displaced residents of Ukraine – and no financial aid for struggling Americans, of course.

On page 40 of Biden’s request to Congress, there is a specific provision to allocate funds for the Palestinian “refugees” of Gaza and the West Bank, as well as language pointing to a potential cross-border “displacement” and “asylum” situation transpiring in the coming days.

“The concern is that the request may basically guarantee the forced Palestinian displacement to Egypt,” warns Mario Nawfal. “It calls into question the stance of the Egyptian government and the potential consequences on Palestinian sovereignty.”

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But wait: Egypt already said it will NOT be accepting any Palestinian refugees – so where will they all be sent?

The only problem with this plan is that, in a recent call with Biden, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi made it clear that “Egypt will not permit the displacement of Palestinians from Gaza into its territory.”

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For now, temporary tent cities have been erected in the Sinai Peninsula, located just to the southwest of the Gaza Strip, to house at least some of the Palestinians who are forced off their own land by Israel.

There is also talk of creating a “humanitarian corridor” to facilitate the mass transfer of potentially millions of Palestinians who will have nowhere to live and nowhere to go once Israel gets finished annexing Gaza and the West Bank as its own.

Israel’s plan thus far involves creating new, permanent cities in the northern part of the Sinai Peninsula in a much less desirable locale than Gaza, which Israel presumably wants to develop as high-dollar real estate located right along the Mediterranean Sea.

Just like what happened in Maui, the powers that be are stealing land and property that is not their own under the guise that they were “chosen” to do so by God.

Leaked Israeli documents further show that Israel is planning a second Nakba, or forced relocation of all Palestinians, to fulfill the former’s “Greater Israel” dreams.

“The Nakba is the forced displacement and dispossession of hundreds of thousands of Palestinian Arabs during and after the 1948 Arab-Israeli War,” explains Nawfal.

“Many Palestinians fled or were expelled from their homes, becoming refugees, leading to a significant demographic and humanitarian crisis, which remains a central issue in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to this date.”

If Israel’s plan comes to fruition – with the help of U.S. tax dollars, of course, since none of this would be possible without American financial aid – the Palestinian people will never again be allowed anywhere near the border of Israel. They will instead be forced to live wherever Israel decides to put them.

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To be clear, just because these leaked documents exist, and just because Biden is asking Congress for more money for Israel, does not necessarily mean it will all happen. After all, Proverbs 19:21 states:

“Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”

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