Jimmy Kimmel to Host Oscar Awards Show That Almost No One Will Watch

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Left wing late night host Jimmy Kimmel will be hosting the Oscar Awards again this year, which would be a big deal if anyone still watched the Oscars.

Ratings for the show have been on a steady downward decline for years for reasons which seem obvious to everyone except people in Hollywood.

America stopped paying attention because people don’t want to be lectured about politics from rich liberals who live in a bubble.

Variety reports:

Jimmy Kimmel to Host 2024 Oscars Ceremony

Emmy Award winner Jimmy Kimmel is back as the host for the upcoming 2024 Oscars ceremony, marking the late-night star’s fourth time fronting the show. Emmy nominee Molly McNearney will also return to serve as an executive producer for the second consecutive year in a row.

The “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host previously led the 2017, 2018 and 2023 telecasts. The 2017 ceremony produced the now infamous “La La Land” and “Moonlight” best picture screw-up. Kimmel will now sit alongside other four-peaters such as Whoopi Goldberg and Jack Lemmon. The only people to host more times are Johnny Carson (5), Billy Crystal (9) and Bob Hope (11).

“I always dreamed of hosting the Oscars exactly four times,” said Kimmel in a statement. McNearney adding that she’s “especially honored to be part of the Oscars team this year.”

“We are thrilled about Jimmy returning to host and Molly [McNearney] returning as executive producer for the Oscars,” said Academy CEO Bill Kramer and Academy President. “They share our love of movies and our commitment to producing a dynamic and entertaining show for our global audience. We are deeply grateful to Jimmy, Molly and their teams for their incredible creativity and partnership and for going on this ride with us again.”

How many tired, unfunny anti-Trump jokes do you think Kimmel will make?

Most of the country will have other plans that night.

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