Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Suggests Funding Schools in Ukraine is a Matter of National Security (VIDEO)

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During a recent appearance on CNBC, Biden Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen seemed to suggest that funding schools in Ukraine is a matter of national security for the United States.

Students all over the United States are struggling to do math and reading at grade level, and Yellen is talking about funding schools in another country. If any of this makes sense to you, you might be a Democrat.

It’s just stunning to hear an American official talking like this as our country is falling apart.

From the Euromaidan Press:

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen told CNBC on 20 November that passing legislation to provide further military aid to Ukraine is a “critical priority” for US President Joe Biden and for national security.

The Biden administration’s proposal for a $105 billion security aid package faces pushback from some Republican legislators, leaving the bill in limbo as US Congress enters a two-week recess.

“We can’t allow Ukraine to lose a battle on the home front because it lacks enough money to keep schoolteachers in the classroom and first responders on the job, when it’s fighting valiantly on the battlefield, so Ukraine is utterly dependent on this aid,” Yellen said.

See the video below:

What planet is she living on?

Is there any wonder why our country is in such rough shape?

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