Hungary’s Orbán Proposes Legislation Protecting National Sovereignty, Will Send Survey to Voters Inquiring on EU’s Policies on Migration, Ukraine Aid

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is a conservative champion.

All over the world, eyes are fixated on him, trying to learn how he manages to keep his country a sovereign entity, in face of the constant pressure from the European Union, that Orbán called ‘a bad imitation of the Soviet Union’.

Brussels is in a constant push for its Globalist insane policies, from unchecked mass migration to transgenderism, passing through the climate alarmist fake policies, censorship of the masses, and the inevitable support for Ukraine military needs.

Every step of the way, we see Budapest acting as a check against the lunacy, with popular Prime Minister Orbán daring to do the unthinkable: put his national interests first.

Now, Hungarian ruling Fidesz party has submitted to parliament a new bill protecting its national sovereignty. The bill aims to defend against what it called ‘undue political interference by foreign persons or groups’.

Reuters reported:

“The legislation comes as nationalist Orbán, who over the past 13 years has clashed repeatedly with the European Union over democratic rights in Hungary, has stepped up his party’s campaign ahead of European Parliament elections next June.”

Once again, Orbán denied accusations he was ‘undermining democracy’ in Budapest.

“The bill would set up a separate authority to explore and monitor risks of political interference and recommend changes in regulations. It would also punish banned foreign financing for parties or groups running for election with up to three years in prison.

‘Hungary’s sovereignty is impaired — and it also carries a heightened risk to national security — if political power gets into the hands of persons or organizations dependent on any foreign power, organization or person’, the bill said.”

Orbán has a two-thirds majority in parliament that allows his Fidesz to change any legislation.

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“The EU has suspended billions of euros of funding to Hungary over a rule-of-law dispute during the tenure of Orbán, who has appealed to conservative voters by portraying himself as a defender of Hungary’s national interests.”

This legislation comes after Hungary’s government just days ago released a set of questions for an informal survey it will send to voters.

The ‘national consultation’ deals on a number of divisive issues including migration, LGBTQ+ rights and support for Ukraine.

It includes a proposal ‘to block further European Union assistance to Kyiv’ unless the bloc releases frozen funds to Hungary.

The survey is part of the constant pushback against the EU, always trying to force policies on Hungary.

The surveys will strengthen Hungary’s bargaining position in Brussels, demonstrating a national consensus on the thorny political issues.

Associated Press reported:

“One question asks whether Hungary should block an EU plan to provide a four-year, 50 billion euro (nearly $53 billion) aid package for Ukraine unless the bloc unfreezes billions in assistance to Hungary that it has held up over concerns that the government of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has failed to uphold rule-of-law and human rights standards.

‘They are asking Hungary for additional support (for Ukraine) even as our country has not received the EU funds due to it’, says one segment of the survey. ‘We should not pay more to support Ukraine until we have received the money we are owed’, one possible answer says.”

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The surveys are not legally binding, and are sent by mail to every Hungarian of voting age.

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One question says the EU ‘wants to create migrant ghettos in Hungary’ and asks whether respondents think Hungary should ‘accept Brussels’ migration plans’.

“Another says the EU wants Hungary to repeal a contentious law that bans the availability of LGBTQ+ content to minors and warns of “aggressive LGBTQ propaganda” targeting children.

The survey includes other questions about Ukraine, including a proposal that the EU cease military aid to Kyiv and opposition to talks over Ukraine eventually becoming an EU member.”

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