‘Global Warming’ Alert: German Authorities Urge Citizens To Stay at Home Amid Brutal Winter Weather and ‘Unseasonable Cold’

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The problem, it seems, is not so much ‘global warming’ as it is ‘local freezing.’

Northern Europe was surprised by the ‘sudden onset’ of Winter, causing disruption and dangerous conditions in several countries.

Liberal Europeans had barely finished complaining that 2023 was ‘the hottest year on record’ when – wouldn’t you know it – temperatures were freezing cold at the very start of winter.

Authorities in western Germany, for one, urged residents to stay home, warning of ‘life-threatening danger’ after a ‘burst of winter weather’ led to hazardous roads, leading to accidents that left two people dead.

Reuters reported:

“The sudden onset of winter led to several accidents and people being trapped in their vehicles due to slippery roads and fallen branches caused by snowfall in many parts of Germany.

In the Schwaebisch Hall district in Baden-Wuerttemberg, a 71-year-old man died as a result of a collision on a snowy road on Monday evening. According to police in Aalen, the driver lost control of the vehicle and drove into the oncoming lane.”

In Hesse state, 100 people were evacuated from their vehicles near the Rheingau-Taunus district, while 70 people were trapped on the road near Linienbad.

“‘My urgent appeal: Be sure to stay at home on Tuesday. Please do not go for walks in the forest either: there is an acute danger to life from broken branches and falling trees’, said the [Rheingau-Taunus] district’s administrator in a statement.”

The German Meteorological Service (DWD) forecasts snow and sleet again today, adding that the extremely cold weather will persist in the coming days.

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Bloomberg reports that temperatures plummeted across much of Europe and are poised to remain very low.

Unseasonably cold conditions will see parts of Scandinavia touch –20C, while Berlin will experience lows of -6C on Thursday.

[…] In the UK, colder air from the north may bring wintry showers to areas along the North Sea coast as well as some inland parts of northern Britain, according to the Met Office. It also forecast some possibility of snow across the south towards the end of the week. Maxar said London and Manchester could see temperatures as low as -1.5C on Thursday and Friday.”

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