Joy Behar of ‘The View’ Gets Brutally Roasted by ‘Triumph the Insult Comic Dog’ (VIDEO)

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‘Triumph The Insult Comic Dog’ appeared on ‘The View’ this week and focused most of his insults on host Joy Behar.

Joy tried to play along but you could see that she thought some of the jokes went too far.

Triumph focused mostly on Joy’s age, with hilarious results.

FOX News has details:

‘The View’ roasted by ‘Triumph The Insult Comic Dog’ as hostile to other women, conservatives

“Triumph The Insult Comic Dog” skewered “The View” co-hosts on Friday, ripping the show’s reputation as hostile to women and especially whatever person sits in the “conservative” chair.

The long-running comic puppet act, played by comedian Robert Smigel, appeared as a guest on the ABC daytime talk show and did not play safe with his material…

“I was at Joy Behar’s 80th birthday party. I performed. Oh, what a night it was! It was open bar and open casket!” he quipped, prompting gasps from the co-hosts and the audience.

He followed up with a crude line involving Behar and Hillary Clinton, stating, “Joy, you and I both got so drunk, we were fighting over who got to sniff Hillary Clinton’s chair.” Behar looked slightly unamused as the other hosts laughed.

Triumph continued with more jokes poking fun at Behar’s age. “Joy, you realize you’re 81, you’re old enough to run for president… and to watch The View! You’re right in the demographic of The View now!”

Watch the video below:

Here’s another clip:

They should make Triumph a regular host. He is more entertaining than anyone on the current panel.

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