Canadian Man Charged With 14 Counts of Murder for Mailing Poison to Young People, Helping Them Kill Themselves

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The number of worldwide victims of Kenneth Law may be in the hundreds.

The culture of death is spreading like wildfire in many Western societies.

From state-sponsored assisted suicide to an entrepreneurial ‘death sarcophagus,’ there is an ongoing worldwide phenomenon in which people have help and incentives to take their own lives.

Canada is one of the worst-case scenarios, with tens of thousands of people every year falling victim to this nefarious trend.

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Now, a Canadian man who helped more than a dozen people in Ontario to kill themselves – by mailing them poison – has been charged with 14 counts of second-degree murder.

Kenneth Law had previously been charged with 14 counts of counseling or aiding suicide.

Law allegedly posted 160 packages of sodium nitrite to people in Canada while also sending at least 1,200 packages to addresses in more than 40 countries.

Reuters reported:

’It’s clearly significant… to be laying this many (charges) and that’s not taken lightly by the investigative team’, Inspector Simon James of the police force in York, a northern district of Toronto, told a televised press conference.

The victims ranged in age from 16 to 36 but James declined to name them or explain why the charges against Law had been upgraded. He also said he did not know how many people abroad might have died.

[…] The Canadian Broadcasting Corp., citing official records and statements, said Law could be linked to 117 deaths around the world, most of them in Britain. It said authorities in New Zealand, France, Ireland, Italy, Germany and Switzerland all confirmed Law shipped packages to their countries.”

Law used multiple websites to reach his victims. He is in jail, and his next court appearance is on Dec. 19.

“’One of the challenges that we face are a number of these sites are located in other countries where Canadian law does not apply’, said James.”

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CBC reported:

“The new charges are related to the same alleged victims in multiple Ontario cities, from Toronto to Thunder Bay. CBC News has previously reported on the deaths of two people linked to the investigation — Stephen Mitchell Jr., 21, from Toronto and Ashtyn Prosser, 19, from Windsor, Ont. Both are listed in court documents as alleged victims of Law.

Stephen Mitchell Sr., the father of Stephen Mitchell Jr., told CBC News he welcomes the charges. ‘I can say that I am pleased with the developments today as, in my opinion, they better reflect the nature of the crime that was committed towards my son’, he said.”

Starting in 2020, Law operated websites used to sell sodium nitrite, which can be used for suicide attempts.

“Official records and statements along with media reports and interviews with families conducted by CBC News suggest Law’s projects may be linked to 117 deaths worldwide. So far, 88 of those deaths are in the U.K.

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Authorities in New Zealand, France, Ireland, Italy, Germany and Switzerland have all confirmed Law shipped packages to addresses in their respective countries. Multiple Canadian police forces outside of Ontario are also reviewing past sudden deaths in light of the allegations against Law.”

Law is not facing any charges abroad, so far, but there is evidence an FBI investigation in the U.S. is progressing.

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