WHAT A LINE-UP!… Tonight on Gateway: Beyond the Headlines: Muckraker’s Anthony Rubin, Dr. James Thorpe, Kyle Brosnan w/Heritage Oversight, Michael McWhorter on Good Meat – 8 PM ET

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Gateway: Beyond the Headlines host Ivory Hecker and Dr. James Thorpe

WHAT A LINE-UP! … Tonight on Gateway: Beyond the Headlins.

Tonight we start with two COVID stories lead our coverage.

** First, host Ivory Hecker talks with Dr. James Thorpe about the ‘very high’ levels of COVID found in wastewater.

** Then, Kyle Brosnan, Chief Counsel for the Heritage Foundation Oversight Project, joins Ivory to discuss the new lawsuit alleging the CIA hid COVID pandemic records.

Austin Cabello talks about the migrant invasion in Eagle Pass, Texas.

We continue to have Georgia on our minds, as Georgia’s Secretary of State refuses to testify in a deposition next week – Debbie Dooley, co-founder of the Tea Party Movement joins us to discuss.

Are left-wing NGOs and the United Nations planning a mass organized invasion of America?

** Anthony Rubin, founder of Muckraker.com, joins the show to discuss.

They are definitely coming for your meat! Michael McWhorter, from Good Ranchers, joins Ivory to discuss the new WHO Directive that blames meat for harming people!

Finally, a Tesla Engineer is injured by a robot malfunction and mysterious airplane seats are washing ashore in New Jersey.


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