Video: As U.S. Navy Battles Houthi Terrorists in Red Sea, New York City Pro-Hamas Rally Chants in Support of Houthis: “Yemen, Yemen, Make Us Proud! Turn Another Ship Around!”

A pro-Hamas rally held at Columbus Circle in New York City Sunday featured a chant in support of Yemen-based Houthi terrorists who are waging war on Red Sea shipping in support of Hamas. Video of the rally shows a woman dressed in terrorist garb leading a crowd of several hundred also dressed in terrorist garb and waving Palestinian flags in a chant of, “Yemen, Yemen, makes us proud! Turn another ship around!”

The Houthis have been launching missiles at merchant ships, boarding ships and attacking U.S. forces. This weekend saw the Houthis attack U.S. Navy ships and helicopters with missiles from land and arms from small boats, respectively, in separate incidents as the U.S. intervened to protect merchant a ship under repeated attack by the Houthis. The missiles were shot down and three of the four attacking boats were sunk by the U.S., killing a reported ten Houthi terrorists.

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Screen image via PSL X Twitter, December 31, 2023.

Video posted by the communist group Party for Socialism and Liberation, “YEMEN, YEMEN MAKE US PROUD! TURN ANOTHER SHIP AROUND! RIGHT NOW: A large crowd is gathering in NYC’s Columbus Circle”

PSL’s communist affiliate group ANSWER (Act Now to Stop war and End Racism) reposted the PSL video as well another video from the rally calling for communist revolution:

Photos from the rally by PSL’s Eugene Puryear:

“The issue is never the issue, the issue is the (communist) revolution”:

Videos posted by reporter Benjamin Ryan of pro-Israel women confronting the pro-terrorist rally show the sexism and anti-Semitism behind the revolution: Pro-Hamas man calls pro-Israel woman, a “dirty, Zionist c*nt”:

ANSWER was a leader in the post-9/11 so-called antiwar movement that was actually acting in support of America’s terrorist enemies around the world. PSL is associated with ANSWER. Both groups came out of the communist Workers World Party in the early 2000s. Both groups have allied with Islamist groups to undermine the U.S., Israel and the West in the war on terror.

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