Rumor: U.S. Sec Def Austin Was In The Kiev Command Bunker Hit By Russia on January 3rd

Some European sources are saying that in fact Austin was in Ukraine with other NATO officers when the command center he was in was hit with missile strike from Russia. Many officers were later reported dead and wounded. Austin may have survived and has extreme shrapnel damage to his lower torso.

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The Biden admin Democrats are so lacking in credibility it would not surprise me if this was true. They are incapable of telling the truth and all information they put out must be done through a political lens. Anyone could easily see the Administration not wanting to announce his death or wounds inflicted by Russia in this manner. Bidens goons would perceive the truth would make them look weak in an election year.

Lots of reports flying around that Austin was secretly in Ukraine  on Jan 3, at a command center to go over details of a new drone offensive against Russia with Zaluzhny when the Russians hit the Command Bunker.

It would explain why the #2 was suddenly and quietly put in charge on Jan 2. If he was travelling East.

The cover story that he is in the hospital for “Secret” surgery and didn’t tell the WH for several days (violation of the law) is EXTREMELY suspicious, with no proof of life yet. There is zero chance the SecDef had surgery with NO ONE knowing about it.

He has done secret trips like this before to Ukraine, only announcing them when he was safely back in Poland.

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Politically, Austin getting wounded or even killed in Ukraine would have HUGE implications and blowback for Biden and the Obamunists if this turns out to be true. The Pentagon is claiming this is not a true version, we know the history of this administration is to lie, especially during an election year. Biden may be digging up his 51 intelligence “experts” to confirm their account of events.

US SecDef Remains Hospitalized. WH and Pentagon remain silent.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin remains hospitalized after mystery prostate procedure; DoD remains mum on release
Pentagon officials continue to dodge questions surrounding details of Lloyd Austin’s hospitalization and release date.




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