HUNDREDS Line the Streets in Fort Pierce, Florida to Cheer President Trump on His Way to Court in Jack Smith Lawfare Hearing

HUNDREDS of Trump supporters lined the streets of Fort Pierce, Florida to cheer President Trump on his way to court in his latest hearing the Jack Smith lawfare case.

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HUNDREDS greet President Trump in Ft. Pierce, Florida on Friday as he heads to court on Biden lawfare charges.

This was easily more unpaid supporters than Joe Biden has seen in the past three years – total!

President Trump arrived at a Florida courthouse Friday morning for a hearing in his federal criminal case over retaining White House documents – something Joe Biden was given a pass on despite the fact that he was holding classified documents for decades in his garage, at universities, etc., a criminal act for an official who is not president.

Today’s hearing could determine when the case will go to trial—and whether it will be before the November election.

What an impressive display of support!


Source material can be found at this site.

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