Israel is a ROGUE nation, Dennis Kucinich tells Judge Napolitano

Independent candidate for Congress in Ohio’s 7th district Dennis Kucinich appeared with Judge Andrew Napolitano this week to talk about how the United States military-industrial complex is leading America straight into World War III, including with its virtually unquestioning support for the Israeli war machine.

During the conversation, Kucinich discussed how Israel has become a “rogue nation” that pays no mind to international law when it comes to how it wages war on its enemies.

“What’s happening in Gaza and the West Bank together with Israel being involved with attacking Iraqi interests, Iranian interests, Syrian interests, Lebanese interests, Yemeni interests, with the instability going on in Egypt and Jordan – we have all the elements for World War III here,” Kucinich explained.

“And the bombing of the Iranian consulate in Damascus is clearly an act of war against Iran. It is a violation of international law. And at this point, the Netanyahu government doesn’t care about international law. As far as they’re concerned, there is no international law – they are now a rogue government.”

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Why should Americans die for Israel?

In no uncertain terms, Kucinich made it clear that none of what Israel is doing is in America’s interests – or Israel’s interests, for that matter. Israel’s behavior is also deeply violative of international law, rendering the Zionist state guilty of war crimes.

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“They’ve destroyed the Al-Shifa hospital; they’ve killed about 33,000 Palestinians and more, injuring countless people; they’re driving a famine in Gaza right now, killing at least seven aid workers who were only there from the World Central Kitchen to give people food – and the United States is financing this; our taxpayers are paying for this,” Kucinich explained to Napolitano.

“I do not want to see any of our sons and daughters from this country sent into a conflict that we’re being dragged into by Netanyahu and his people in the Likud. It is time that we took a stand for American interests. It is not in our interests to go into World War III. If Netanyahu wants to have an expanded war, he should be told, ‘pal, you’re on your own. We’re not going to be there with you if you’re going to ignite a war in Iran.'”

In other words, if Israel wants to fight a war, it can do that on its own without forced support from the U.S. If they are really “God’s chosen,” then they should be just fine without needing our tax dollars, weapons and soldiers, right?

“Netanyahu is calculating that America is going to have to do whatever he says because there’s an election right now,” Kucinich added.

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Western media and politicians from both sides of the aisle are quick to blame Russia for everything that happens in the U.S., including alleged election interference, but Kucinich says enemy number-one right now when it comes to interference in American elections is Israel, our “greatest ally.”

“The false charge that ‘Russia interfered with our election’ needs to be displaced by the actual interference with Israel and Israeli interests in the American election. And we have to realize – we have to wake up; America has to wake up – as to what’s going on here.”

“We’re seeing our own freedoms undermined by things that are going on in other countries. And we’re ignoring the needs of our own people. I’ve had it with this group that feels that America’s freedom must be linked with a country that is right now committing genocide and is getting away with it because of the politics of America that are not in the interest of our own people.”

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