Israeli drone that killed three British nationals (and four other aid workers) used engine made in the U.K.

It has come to light that the drone Israel used to kill three aid workers from World Central Kitchen (WCK) is powered by a United Kingdom-made engine.

With three of the dead being former members of Great Britain’s armed forces, this means that the U.K. killed its own people via Israel.

The Hermes 450 drone was used to target WCK workers who had just delivered 100 tons of food aid to a warehouse in the central Gaza city of Deir al-Balah. Several missiles were reportedly used to strike the aid convoy, with Israel later claiming the incident to be “a grave mistake.”

WCK founder and celebrity chef Jose Andres expressed outrage following the attack, claiming that it was not an accident but that Israel had “systematically, car by car” targeted the aid workers.

This was not a “bad luck situation where, ‘oops,’ we dropped the bomb in the wrong place,” Andres said. “Even if we were not in coordination with the [Israel army], no democratic country and no military can be targeting civilians and humanitarians.”

Andres himself was supposed to be in Gaza with the other aid workers at the time of the attack, but “wasn’t able to go back again to Gaza,” he said.

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World wants U.K., U.S. to stop all arms sales to Israel

Since the attack, there have been global calls for the United States and now the U.K. to stop all arms sales to Israel, especially since it appears as though a drone with a U.K.-built engine was used in the attack.

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The engine is believed to have been built by U.K.-based U (UEL), located in the West Midlands’ village of Shenstone. The company is a subsidiary of Israeli defense contractor Elbit Systems.

“The evidence seems to stack up that it is a U.K. engine and, if it’s not, then Elbit needs to clarify that,” said Sam Perlo-Freeman, research coordinator at the U.K.-based Campaigns Against Arms Trade.

“Definitely it seems to be based on a U.K. design at the very least.”

Perlo-Freeman pointed to numerous specialist websites and reports claiming that the engine on the Hermes 450 is, in fact, made in the United Kingdom.

While neither UAV Engines nor Elbit Systems U.K. has confirmed or denied the claim, a spokesperson from Elbit told the Daily Mail (U.K.) that none of its subsidiaries or joint ventures, including UAV Engines, were involved in the Hermes 450 program.

The Department for Business and Trade declined to say whether or not it is possible that U.K.-made components were used in the drone.

“We continue to monitor the situation in Gaza,” a government spokesman said generically. “We welcome Israel’s commitment to a full, urgent and transparent inquiry into Monday’s attack and we want to see that happen very quickly.”

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The question of whether U.K. parts are used in Israeli drones actually dates back as far as 2009 when at that time evidence emerged to suggest that Israel was using U.K.-built drones to bombard Gaza.

Just like now, Elbit denied the allegation, claiming that U.K. engines were not being used by the Israeli military. It turns out, though, that there were never any physical checks on exported motors, so it remains unknown which ones Israel is actually using in its Hermes 450 drones.

Elbit has owned UEL since 1995. Since that time, the Israeli company has had the “specific patents and knowledge” to build the engine itself, which means Israel may be building these engines itself with precise instructions from the U.K. company it now owns.

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