RIDICULOUS: Pro-Hamas Losers Shut Down Entrance to Chicago O’Hare Airport While Cops Stand Around – Travelers Forced to Leave Cars and Walk to Airport (VIDEO)

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Drivers ditch cars to head to Airport thanks to illegal Pro-Hamas protest Credit: @wearedissenters

Pro-Hamas agitators are blocking off a road entering Chicago O’Hare Airport while police are doing nothing, forcing some travelers to ditch their cars and walk to the airport.

As ABC 7 Chicago reported, every lane is blocked on I-190 West between Bessie Coleman Drive and the airport.

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Credit: @wearedissenters

The agitators are wearing signs reading “Free Palestine” and “Stop Genocide.” The group Chicago Dissenters, which helped organize the protest, claims they want the U.S. government to stop sending Israel weapons.

On this Tax Day, when millions are paying taxes which fund the ongoing U.S and Israeli bombardment of Gaza, protestors seek to take dramatic action, alongside other @a15actions organizers worldwide.

O’Hare International Airport is one of the largest in the country, and there will be NO business as usual while Palestinians suffer at the hands of American funded bombing by Israel.

The cops, unfortunately, are not doing anything to remove the protesters from the road at the moment.

Video footage captured video of passengers sitting on top of their cars, waiting for the protest to clear out and for the cops to take action. The response would likely be different if this were a pro-police or pro-Israel protest.

Here is footage of flyers being forced to abandon their cars to walk to terminals while the protesters continue their stupid and illegal publicity stunt.

At some point, motorists in an American city are going to get fed up and run over these sorry clowns disrupting their daily lives. The cowardice of public officials will be to blame for such an avoidable tragedy.

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