Israel ‘Shocked, Insulted’ as EU Calls Jerusalem a Settlement

Israel is shocked by international criticism of the demolition of a Jewish-owned property in Jerusalem. “Calling Jerusalem a settlement is a misinterpretation, an insult to the history of the city,” Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor told the French news agency AFP. “It is incomprehensible that they are mixing questions of private rights, international law […]

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IDF Thwarts Infiltration from Sinai

IDF soldiers have thwarted several attempts by terrorists to infiltrate southern Israel in recent weeks. Terrorists have tried to move from Gaza to Sinai to Israel via a desert passage known as “route H.” The head of the IDF tracking unit in the south, Colonel Yossi Hadad, spoke to the IDF website about the attempted […]

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Arab-Owned Jerusalem Electric Company Discriminates Against Jew

The Arab-owned Jerusalem Electric Company, responsible for providing electricity to several Arab-populated neighborhoods in Jerusalem, refuses to service the property of Yitzchak Herskovitz. The energetic Yitzchak Herskovitz, 79, thought last year that his 17-year legal battle to reclaim his property from illegal Arab squatters had finally reached its happy ending. This was his reaction when […]

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Libel is No Path to a Civil Society

All of us at The Heritage Foundation were profoundly saddened by the tragedy that occurred this past Saturday morning in Tucson, Arizona. We mourn all of those who lost their lives and are praying for a full recovery by all of the surviving victims. As Speaker John Boehner said Saturday, “An attack on one who […]

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Sudan: Charting the Course Ahead

“You know, my people told me I should never meet with you,” Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir told Richard Williamson, former U.S. special envoy to Sudan, during the Bush Administration. Clearly, it’s no easy task conducting diplomatic relations with Khartoum’s government. Yet two days from the referendum that will likely split north and south, the international […]

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