Palestinian Authority Paid Muslims to Riot

The Palestinian Authority and international groups paid many of the Arabs who rioted after last week’s United Nations session where a motion was submitted for recognizing the PA as a country, the IDF reports.

Arab rioters
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Arab rioters

Arutz Sheva previously has reported that international leftists pay Arabs to riot every Friday at the separation/security fence, but the revelation that the PA pays them contradicts stated agreements not to incite.

The riots in Judea and Samaria last week were larger in number and more violent than usual, but they did not constitute a significant escalation, according to Cpt. Ala Sa’ad, who serves as a consultant on Palestinian matters. He is part of the IDF COGAT’s Coordination and Liaison Office unit (CLO).

The military noted that despite the paid rioters, the economic situation of PA Arabs is relatively good and that the IDF is interested in maintaining social and economic stability.

“Before any operational activity, the brigade and battalion commanders give notes, and so do we – explaining the sensitive sites in the region,” explained Cpt. Sa’ad. “For example during Operation Cast Lead in Gaza, the forces suspended activities to avoid harming such sites,” even though the Hamas terrorist organization used them as staging grounds for attacks.

Through regular conversations and coordination with Palestinian Authority Arabs, CLO personnel become familiar with the location of such sensitive sites that should be avoided.

“The economic conditions in Judea and Samaria are considered good, though any deterioration, even interior, can affect the Palestinian populations and thus influence security conditions and IDF activity,” Cpt. Sa’ad said.

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Hundreds of trucks enter and leave Israel, Judea and Samaria and Gaza through various land crossings every day, augmenting economic development.

“The Palestinian Authority gains millions of shekels from this trade and if trade were to be suspended due to security threats, both Israel and the PA would suffer financial strain,” explained Cpt. Sa’ad.

Palestinian security bodies also coordinate with the Judea and Samaria CLO any activity near Israeli territory and communities. In case of any conflict between Israeli and Palestinian residents of Judea and Samaria, CLO officers report to the area and resolve the issues, neutralizing any disagreements, he added.

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