Secret War against Iran: Military Weapons Depot Explodes (VIDEO)

An explosion at an Iranian Revolutionary Guards depot killed at least 17 soldiers. Sabotage is suspected in what may be another attack on the regime, possibly part of a secret war that Israel could be waging. The blast occurred approximately 30 miles west of Tehran.

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A semi-official Iranian news agency reported that ammunition was being moved at the time, and a spokesman for the Guards said the explosion was an accident. One international news agency reported that the blast occurred at a missile base.

Last October, 18 military personnel were killed in an explosion at an ammunition depot under the Guards’ responsibility.

In an attempt to derail the Islamic Republic’s juggernaut to build a nuclear weapon, Israel is widely held as responsible for the Stuxnet computer virus attack that disabled a nuclear plant earlier this year.

There also have been numerous assassinations of nuclear scientists, mysterious airplane crashes on flights on which military officials and scientists were aboard, and explosions at gas pipelines and an oil refinery in recent years.

[youtube _JXMnFfIacA nolink]

Source material can be found at this site.

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