Giuliani: Obamas sympathy for Israel’s enemies

In comments made this past week, former NYC Mayor Rudolph Giuliani took President Obama to task for claiming to be a friend of Israel. Said Giuliani, “I think that’s the

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biggest joke I’ve ever heard.”

Giuliani said Obama is the “least supportive” president toward Israel that the U.S. has ever had, “Republican or Democrat.” And he seized on Obama’s 2009 request that Israel return to 1967 borders to prove his point: “[It] would be ridiculous if they had to go back to those territorial lines. They’d be in…jeopardy with what’s going on in the Middle East right now.”

When asked why he thought President Obama refused to visit Israel during his first term, promising to do so only if given a second term, Giuliani said the thinking behind that was fairly easy to understand, and that it boiled down to the fact that “Obama feels much more empathy and sympathy for [Israel’s] enemies than he does for Israel.”

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