Benghazi: Obama Impeachment hearings before or after inauguration?

General David Petraeus did the honorable deed for his country today and testified on the Benghazi crisis that caused the deaths of 4 Americans. He also indirectly implicated the president since Obama gave the orders to stand down on any rescue attempt of the Ambassador as well as the patriotic Americans there to protect him. Again, what the general did is noble, this will ultimately lead to impeachment of the President Obama as the biggest criminal cover-ups in the history of US presidents.

Petraeus made it clear the CIA was aware it was a terrorist attack day one, he even went as far as to say the administration changed the circumstances for officials of the Obama administration to wash down the terror attack and claim it was a mere protest do to a youtube video.

House committee held this closed hearing today on the Libya consulate attack, following up on an issue that Republicans had emphasized before the presidential election in questioning President Obama’s poor foreign policy record.

This is a lot worse than ‘Watergate’, a denial of fact to the American public, outright lies, officials within the Obama administration telling security to stand down leading the the death of Americans and a president trying to cover it up in order to have it not effect he reelection chances, its pure criminal.

President Obama and his administration has lied to American people about Libya. Obama has proven himself by the action of that week to be untrustworthy and deceitful. The only question lest is when will the house call for the official impeachment of Obama?

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Technically the house cannot impeach a President before he’s inaugurated. Impeachment is indictment to trial in the Senate for “high crimes and misdemeanors” committed while President. President-elects aren’t subject to it.

If Obama were to step down before the inauguration, the electors are still chosen. We would then expect there would be an emergency convention of the Democratic party at which an alternative candidate would be chosen for Obama’s electors to vote for. Probably Clinton, though Biden might make a case, Clinton would likely win it. There would not be any second election, the electors who are pledged to Obama would simply agree at this convention to support another candidate within the democratic party.

Several groups are already forming on the Internet to call for Obama’s impeachment today, calling for the removal of Obama from office for high treason.

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