Pollard Breaks His Silence About Israel’s Betrayal to its Citizens

Jonathan Pollard, who has spent more than 27 years and more than 10,000 days in American prison, is breaking his silence.

Jonathan Pollard
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Jonathan Pollard

In an interview with the Jerusalem Post, which will appear on Friday, Pollard criticizes the Israeli government “over the past 60 years” on issues such as evicting Jewish communities, releasing murderous terrorists and his own situation.

“Israel is the only country in the world that ever voluntarily evicted citizens from their homeland in order to give the land to its enemies, and the only country that ever voluntarily destroyed the homes and businesses of its citizens, broke promises and shattered their lives,” Pollard told the Jerusalem Post.

Referring to his personal story, he told the newspaper, “Israel holds the world record for betraying those who were loyal to it. It is the only country in the world that ever willingly cooperated in a lawsuit against its intelligence agent, refused to give him asylum, turned over documents to incriminate him, denied knowing him and then allowed him to rot in prison for decades.”

Pollard also spoke about Israel releasing terrorists as a “gesture” to the Palestinian Authority ahead of peace talks, saying, “A sovereign state which can desecrate the dead by releasing murderers and torturing bereaved families, in principle, gives up and throws away the moral foundation of its existence.”

He added, “Many of those released were serving life sentences for multiple heinous crimes. The blood of the victims cries out from their graves over the lack of human decency. Their cries are not being heard. The bereaved families of the victims asked and begged not to release the savage murderers of their loved ones. Their pleas were ignored. No one in Israel sees the broken hearts that are bleeding continuously over their losses.”

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