The West Wins if Assad is Forced from Power

By Peter Paton

The Golden Key to Victory for America and the West is to force Assad from Power, and make him accept Exile in a Foreign Country, possibly with his patron Vladimir Putin in Russia. Anything less than removing Assad from Power will be a Inglorious Defeat for America and the West, and a stunning victory for Putin and the Axis of Evil Syria, Iran and Hezbollah, and a sickening blow to the Sacrifice and Memories of the 200,000 Syrians gassed and vaporized by the Genocidal Assad Regime. Legendary Chinese Strategist Sun Tzu said ” Cut of the Head of the Snake and you will the Battle “. Forcing Assad from Power, and installing a Democratic, Civilian Government in Power, is the Essence of Victory for the West and any right thinking person in the world.  Putin’s Black Propaganda War at the UN and in the New York Times must be rebutted vigorously by America and its Allies, and we must dictate our terms forcefully to our Interlocutors Russia and Syria, and that message must be clear and concise “ That there is no place for Bashar Assad in the Transitional Government of Syria “.

The Chemical Weapons Agreement with the Russians is a step in the right direction, but it must be cautioned that it will probably take about ten years to locate and destroy the Assad Regime’s fearsome Chemical Weapons Arsenal, the biggest in the entire world, and there are already reports filtering through from credible sources, that Assad’s Elite Combat Unit has secretly moved the CW Arsenal to fifty different locations, and clandestinely shifted a proportion of them to Lebanon and Iraq, which would completely defeat the object and purpose of the US/Russia Agreement.

The West are right to employ their mercenaries of choice in the Syrian War. The Free Syrian Army or Syrian Resistance is composed of 75% Syrian Patriots and approximately 15% Al Queda Splinter Group, and 10% Moderate Factions. This Equation must be seen in comparison with the Assad Regime’s Army which is compiled of 75% Syrian conscripts and 25% of Hezbollah and Iranian Terrorists, a dangerous percentage which is steadily growing as Arch  Terrorists Ayatollah Khamenei and Sheik Nasrallah pour more fanatical Jihadis into the Syrian Battlefield.

One must remember the shrewd and astute teachings of Legendary Military Strategist Sun Tzu, one of whose chief tenets was to harvest the natural resources on the ground in any War or Battle of Attrition Harnessing the Forces of the Free Syrian Army and its Splinter Groups, to win the Proxy War which is being waged in the Killing Fields of Syria is broadly in line with Sun Tzu’s  thinking. There are no Morals or Rules in Modern Day Asymmetrical Warfare, no Geneva Convention, this is Islamic Warfare of Unspeakable Barbarity, and as such our positions should be to utilize the tools available to us, so as to be triumphant against the Axis of Evil, Assad. Khamenei and Nasrallah.

Those of strong religious beliefs or timid dispositions should ask themselves this Burning Question ” Do you want to Win this Proxy War or Not against the Axis of Evil “, if the answer is Yes, then follow Sun Tzu’s teachings to the letter and go all out in Syria to be Victorious, if the answer is No, then be prepared to face the Axis of Evil on European, Israeli and American soil, because that is what will happen if we stand idly by and let the Putin backed Axis of Evil prevail. There can be no Compromise with Evil, and if the Assad Regime is allowed to win in Syria, we will be betraying the Souls of 200,000 Syrians who have been butchered and slaughtered by the Genocidal Assad, and leaving open our greatest Ally in the Middle East Israel, to being invaded next by the Axis of Evil.

This Blueprint will work for America and the West in Syria, it has been tried and tested successfully in Libya, and if needs be, can be emulated in Iran.




Peter Paton is an International PR and Strategic Adviser

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