Christmas Greetings from Jim DeMint

Merry Christmas!

I hope this day reminds you of the bounty that God has blessed us with. I hope it prompts you to pass on that grace to the people in your life, as well as to others who may cross your path.

As you celebrate, I wanted to share a few Christmas greeting cards our Heritage team put together to celebrate the spirit of the season. They’re free for you to share with friends and family. Here’s one with an inspiring message from President Reagan:

Click here to view all of Heritage’s Christmas cards

Reflecting on the past year, I am fortunate to lead the most influential policy organization in America. From its beginnings, The Heritage Foundation has been dedicated to policy research of the utmost intellectual integrity, and to conserving the timeless principles in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. These are the principles that give all Americans, of every faith, the freedom to celebrate the season.

On behalf of Heritage, I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas and a joyous holiday.

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