Obama Gave Muslim Brotherhood VIP Airport Treatment, No TSA Pat Downs

A newly released document obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request confirms that the Obama administration ordered the Department of Homeland Security to spare members of the Muslim Brotherhood traveling to the US in 2012 a TSA pat down or any kind of secondary screening.

An elderly Catholic nun being frisked by a Muslim security agent.

An elderly Catholic nun being frisked by a Muslim security agent.

The one page document (PDF), obtained by the Investigative Project on Terrorism, shows that members of a Muslim Brotherhood delegation traveling through Minneapolis Airport, New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport and Dulles Airport were handed expedited entry known as “port courtesy,” which is normally reserved for high ranking government officials and dignitaries. At the time, the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate Mohamed Morsi, later deposed, had not been elected president.

The document contains four separate entries which include a directive that Muslim Brotherhood members, “not be pulled into secondary upon arrival at a point of entry.” As well as a TSA pat down, secondary screening involves carry on luggage being inspected by hand and the use of puffer explosive detectors.

Two following entries confirm that Muslim Brotherhood members traveled through both JFK and Dulles Airports “smoothly” and “without incident” after the DHS had been alerted about “port courtesies”.

Another entry reads; “MB delegate departure: In response to a request from the MB, the desk worked with the office of Foreign Missions to arrange for TSA to escort the last member of the visiting MB delegation, Abdul Mawgoud Dardery, through security at Minneapolis Airport and JFK Airport on April 15. We did not hear anything further from the MB, so we assume the departure went smoothly. In the coming days, we’re going to write down a list of procedures for dealing with MB visits to the United States.”

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The delegate was given privileged access despite one of their members being linked to a previous child pornography investigation in the United States. In addition, the Muslim Brotherhood, which has now been declared a terrorist organization by the Egyptian government after bombing a police HQ last month, is closely affiliated with Al-Qaeda and has long been cited as the foundational inspiration for both Al-Qaeda and Islamic Jihad.

The IPT also highlights the fact that individuals traveling from Syria to give speaking tours in the United States, people like Sheik Osama al-Rifai, that have openly endorsed Al-Qaeda militant groups under the banner of the the Islamic Front, are being handed visas by the State Department with no questions asked.

While completely innocent Americans continue to be subjected to invasive TSA grope down procedures and placed on no fly lists for no reason whatsoever, members of a group with direct links to terrorism were given VIP treatment by the State Department, the TSA and the Department of Homeland Security.

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  1. If you attack anybody you are likely to be arrested for violence. But, NOT if you are a Moslem. If you are a Moslem, the leaders of every Liberal “Democracy” in the world will rally to your side and sympathize with your poverty, lack of education and your legitimate need to express yourself through violence. John Kerry is just one in this parade of terrorism supporters and a worthy member of a US administration. Why blame just Obama? The Bushes who cavorted with the Saudis and deflected US anger after 9/11 to innocent, secular Iraq from Saudi Arabia, and its “Islamic Bomb” wielding Sword Arm Pakistan, from where the 9/11 bombers came is no exception.

    I was attacked by a gang of hooligans sporting beards, dirty pyjama suits and soiled skull caps at Bangalore on 14h August 2012. The Police did not act on my complaint as it was Ramzan and they were a “MINORITY” of five while I was a “MAJORITY” of one. The All India Moslem Ramzan Riots of 2012 are well recorded. There was NO Police Action. This is the sort of lop sided “Laws”, “Courts” and “Law Enforcement” of India that leads to the public taking the law into their own hands as happened in Gujarat in 2002. There has been peace there ever since and Gujarat was exempted from the plague of rioting inflicted on the rest of India by Islam during Ramzan 2012. You can never solve a problem unless you define it correctly. The problem is Saudi-Wahabism (Al Qaeda’s Taliban and the many names that they go under, their wonders to perform) and Hezbollaism. The Saudi-Wahabis are returning Islam to the radicalism of its founder, their “prophet” who wanted Islam to establish the Sharia (or “Law” as propounded by his “God”) through out the world through several Daruls (or progressive states) from dissembling, to violence, to tyranny depending on what Islam can get away with. Large swathes of Anglo-American opinion and decision makers have been purchased and nurtured by Saudi-Wahabi oil money that has enabled them to deflect public anger from themselves to the mirage “Al Qaeda”, orchestrate the unnecessary bombing of Belgrade, and Iraq’s war on Iran as also deflect outrage to Iraq/Syria from Pakistan in the after math of 9/11. The Saudi-Wahabis are having a field day slaughtering Sufis, Ahmadiyas, Bahaais, Aga-Khanis and Shias as they always have with “Hindus”, Budhists, Christians and Jews. Liberal democracies are victims of corruption and incompetence since the days of Demosthenes and cannot distinguish “friend” from “foe” until it is too late. This has stood in favour of Islam for decades now. History always sacrifices civilization to barbarians and democracies to tyrannies.

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