White Ethnicity Now Officially Considered a Minority in California

By Jake Lambert

As of March 18, 2014, state demographers have reported that Hispanics have surpassed White (non-Hispanic) people as the majority in the state of California by a percentage of 39% to 38.8%.

If this comes as a surprise to you, it shouldn’t.  Sociologists have been reporting this would happen since last year, but claim that low Hispanic birthrates are what delayed this from happening earlier.

This video is from a report in April 2013:
[youtube UVZCX2cQSCQ nolink]

The shift in demographics can be explained by the decline in Caucasian birthrates along with many Caucasians leaving California for states in better financial condition.  The comparably higher birthrates of Hispanics and the fact that the majority of immigrants were born in Latin America (53%) can also be cited.

Another contributing factor is the high number of illegal aliens from Latin America of which a large number come from Mexico.  In fact, after Mexico City, the city with the second largest population of Mexicans in the world is Los Angeles.  Mexicans represent 78% of the Latino population of Los Angeles.  In no other U.S. city, can such a huge national identity be discerned from within the Hispanic population.  For instance, according to Pew Hispanic Center data, Puerto Ricans make up 28% of the Hispanics in New York City and northeastern New Jersey, Salvadorians are 32% of the Hispanics in Washington D.C., and Cubans are 54% of the Hispanics in Miami.

California has now become the second U.S. state with a Hispanic majority since New Mexico already has 47% of its population represented by Hispanics.  Nationwide, Caucasians are now not the majority in three states: Hawaii, New Mexico, and now California.  California is the country’s most populous state and has now experienced this demographics shift.  Which state could be next?  It is said that Texas already has 38% of its population represented by Hispanics and could experience the same shift within the next decade.

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