Ferguson window on Life in America over next two years

“Reason why America is under siege: Community Organizer who gained the White House in 2008 never grew up to be president”
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By Judi McLeod

When it comes to present day Ferguson, Missouri, here’s the thing: Ferguson is the window on the final two years of Community Organizer Barack Obama in the White House.

After last night, we now get a crystal clear view of what life in America will be like between today and 2016.  It will be meticulously organized staged rage to government manufactured ‘racism’ all the way down to the finish line and beyond.

Life in post-Constitution America will agonizingly unfold that way because the Community Organizer in the Oval Office wants it to agonizingly unfold that way.

That, as they say, is all he wrote.

“I also appeal to the law enforcement officials in #Ferguson and the region to show care and restraint in managing peaceful protests,” Obama tweeted last night.

It is not Ferguson law enforcement officials managing peaceful protests, it is a community organizer and his long-time buddies stirring the boiling-over pot behind the scenes.

Proof of this pudding?

Did Obama take to his omnipresent phone to deliver the same message of showing “care and restraint” to his good buddy race baiter supremo Al Sharpton?

Not on your life!

“The stage”, as Doug Hagmann wroteon Canada Free Press last night, “is being set for something much bigger”.

In nearly three decades of investigative experience that has included my direct or peripheral involvement in numerous jury decisions and grand jury presentments, I’ve never seen anything like what’s presently playing out in Ferguson, Missouri. Never. To describe the situation as “bizarre” would be a tremendous understatement. We are clearly being managed.  The nation is being managed, or perhaps “gamed” is a more appropriate description of the events playing out before us.

Hagmann’s words were posted one and a half hours before the 9:15 p.m. Grand Jury announcement.

Mainstream media reports gave their definition of “bizarre”  within hours.

‘Ferguson Prosecutor Robert McCulloch Gives Bizarre Press Conference’ was Huffpo’s headlined Ferguson story.

“St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch announced on Monday night that Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson would not be indicted for the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown in a press conference that many found baffling, unwieldy and inflammatory.

“McCulloch said the grand jury “gave up their lives” while deliberating.

“The prosecutor also repeatedly lashed out at the media, blaming the internet and “the 24-hour news cycle” for the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, where Brown was shot and killed in August. He continued talking for several minutes before revealing the much-anticipated grand jury decision.

“The most significant challenge encountered in this investigation has been the 24-hour news cycle and its insatiable appetite for something, for anything to talk about, following closely behind with the non-stop rumors on social media,” he said.

“Media figures and social media users lashed out at the notion that cable news and Twitter were to blame for the tension in the months following Brown’s death, rather than the death itself.

“Social media isn’t the problem,” author Maureen Johnson said. “Shooting children is the problem.”

“CNN legal expert Jeffrey Toobin called the press conference “an extended whine” and entirely inappropriate and embarrassing.”

Obama is the same rabble rousing community organizer he was before gaining power as America’s 44th Commander-in-Chief.

Hagmann’s warning that this is a nation “being managed”, “being gamed” rings chillingly true.

The reason why America is under siege this Thanksgiving, and will continue to be under siege over the next two years, is because the Community Organizer who gained the White House in 2008 never grew up to be president


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