Watch: Rouhani Presides Over ‘Death to America’ Chants

rouhaniAs Israelis celebrated the Jewish State’s 67th Independence Day, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s office released a reminder about the deal being negotiated between Iran and the West.

The video shows Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani, who has been touted by the West as a “moderate”, presiding over chants of “Death to America” during a rally in Iran.

[youtube 4RPzvV2WzN0 nolink]

“Now is the time to insist on a better deal that won’t pave Iran’s path to the bomb,” said the Prime Minister’s Office.

Israel has more than once warned against Rouhani’s charm offensive, which Netanyahu has described as a strategy carried out to woo the West at the behest of the country’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Iran and Western powers recently agreed on a framework in ongoing nuclear talks and are to hold fresh talks in Vienna in order to build on that framework and reach a permanent deal by June 30.

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