BREAKING: Hillary INSIDER REMOVED ‘Top Secret’ Markings Upping The Ante To A FELONY

By Walid Shoebat

A Hillary Clinton insider must have tampered with ‘Top Secret’ documents by removing the markings that identified those documents as ‘Top Secret’, which would be a felony. Judge Napolitano explains:

[youtube 5Du4EDJzi-Q nolink]

Hillary’s inner circle has someone who is covering up for Hillary or they are tampering with the email classification to send it to Hillary’s private server. The intelligence community stripping the markings is unlikely. This leaves the felons to be Hillary or her circle. As it seems, the noose is tightening on Hillary. Or maybe its Huma Abedin, the Muslim Brotherhood agent? The snow is melting and all the crap laying under is quickly being revealed.

Hillary is in more serious trouble than most think. Here, Napolitano explains further:

[youtube O4XnQTeXsZE]


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  1. You simply can not just remove TS markings on documents without being noticed that the document was altered. For that matter, each paragraph within a classified document must be marked with its classification level. The highest classification level on the page determines the overall classification level of the document. Furthermore, a TS CI NOFORN document would have been taken under control by the proper authority before being released for transmission. The Control Center would then affix a control number and a control document cover sheet to be accompany the master document. Finally, the originator of the document would know what it contained, so the fact that Clinton destroyed the document is not going to help her keep its contents secret.

    Finally, its been reported that Clinton was approved by the CINC to classify documents up to Top Secret. This does not grant her access to TS CI information. Only the originator of such a document can approve her access to the material. Who was this individual? Tracking down the originator is key to understanding why she destroyed it. Could it be that she was provided a TS CI NOFORN document that she was not cleared to see?

  2. would love to see her in prison
    and barred from ever serving in
    any official office again,
    and never let her be an attorney.
    20 to 30 years would be proper.

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