MUSLIMS Posing As Refugees Throw Away Food & Water Given To Them By Sympathetic Europeans

HUNGARY: The usual reason they throw away food is because it is not ‘halal’ (Islam-approved) but here they are throwing away water bottles, too, likely because Hungary has refused to send them to the generous EU welfare state of their choice.

[youtube G9tTOkAgEAI nolink]

GERMANY: Muslim illegal aliens refuse food donated to them either because it is not ‘halal’ or is not to their liking in terms of ingredients and freshness.

[youtube 3QwXpRB-Htw nolink]

MACEDONIA: Muslim invaders refuse food packages from the Red Cross because they have a ‘cross’ on the boxes and are not ‘halal.’

[youtube BM68nGs8PEo nolink]


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  1. put these bastards back on old freighters and send them back to Mecca.
    My friends from the EU this is the end of Europe and Christianity by by.
    Thank that stupid woman Angela Mercal for a opening the doors to Germany.

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