Croatia to block refugees from entering Slovenia

Croatia will not allow refugees to proceed northwards to Slovenia on their way to Germany, the country’s interior minister has said, as thousands of people streamed into the country from Serbia.

Croatian Border

Ranko Ostojic said on Thursday that the refugees entering the town of Tovarnik from Serbia would have to seek asylum in Croatia after the authorities provided safe passage to reception centres around the capital Zagreb.

Ostojic also said that 6,500 refugees entered the country from Serbia in the past 24 hours.

“Croatia will not be able to receive more people,” he said.

Later on Thursday, hundreds of refugees pushed through Croatian police lines in Tovarnik with people trampling and falling on each other amid the chaos.

More than 2,000 men, women and children were stranded at the local train station for hours in heat, waiting to board trains and buses for transport to refugee centres. But when the buses arrived, groups charged toward them, overwhelming the Croatian police who unsuccessfully tried to contain the crowd.

After the situation calmed down, groups of migrants moved on foot, with police unable to stop them.

Hundreds of people are still entering Croatia from Serbia over a Danube river bridge in the northern town of Batina after being bused by Serbs from the Hungarian border that was recently closed off.

Croatian police seemed to be unmanned and unprepared for the sudden influx of families with children as they waited to be registered for entry.

There were some chaotic scenes at the border with women fainting and children crying as buses and vans took them to Croatian collection centres.

Some families were separated as dozens of policemen tried to establish some order. Several ambulances were treating people.

The EU is trying to help those whom really need help, so far it seems like most are economic migrants demanding to go to welfare states of Germany and Sweden, two countries with the most generous welfare payouts.

The EU wants to help real refugees that need help, as no countries in Europe are at war they can provide them with the safety they need.

Now that migrants will know its about true help and not about getting free money, the true refugees in dire need of help with immigrate and the economic refugees will stay behind as the gravy train has gone and passed.




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  1. Croatian nation, overwhelmingly, sees that “refugees” as unarmed soldiers infiltrating Europe. There are several reasons for that. 80%, and more, of all “refugees” are male. And at their best years for an army service. Women, children and even babies (around 20% of “refugees”) are used as hostages and human shield by these, so called, refugees. Also, every man has at least 15000, 20000 Euros in his pocket. For reference, most of Croatian population has monthly income of 320 to 460 Euros. So, where have they earned that kind of money? What kind of industry, or agriculture, is there in war torn Middle East? And Euros, really? Why not US Dollars, since most of the business in Middle East is done with it? Also they are rioting, and also devastating shelters provided for them by Croatian nation. All in effort to infiltrate Germany, Austria, France and Sweden. Also they are rejecting help that has “Red Cross” sign on it because it has, well, cross on it.
    So, to conclude. Croatian nation does not see them as refugees. Overwhelming majority of Croatian nation see them as Islamic soldiers, mujahideen, which are enforcing first steps of their political and religious agenda.
    Tonight, Croatian politicians closed border. Not because they care for Croatian nation, or Europe. As events progressed, they were caught in pincer movement of terrorist actions of so called refugees, (devastation of shelters, attacks on the journalists) and Croatian people refusing to harbor false refugees.
    Croatian nation will help Muslims who respect secular state, and women rights. But those who entered Croatia yesterday are certainly not that kind of Muslims.

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    • @alpineski
      I don’t know. In Croatia there is general opinion that they are funded by the same people who are funding ISIS, and other groups that are promoting introduction of religious, sharia law, in public life of secular states.
      Also while I was in France, local Muslims in Marseilles tried to rob me and my companions under pretext of Jizya (religious tax for Christians) in a restaurant. But when we resisted they ran away to get some help. So after 5 minutes there was a gang of around 15 black and brown Muslims ready to beat us to death with clubs and knives. We finished our meal and got out. And they didn’t do anything. Problem for them was that they were expecting three of us coming from a restaurant. Not excursion of 120 Croats, man and women ready to fight them of. So they devoured us with their greedy eyes and followed us for a while but since we were heading out of town they couldn’t do anything.
      So, as You see, we Croats know first hand about their “peaceful Islam”. Also there are two mosques in Croatia, and these are our Muslims. They are part of Croatian nation and they don’t do such crimes as French, German or Norwegian Muslims. So Croats know difference between terrorist criminal Muslims; funded by rich Middle Eastern fanatics and enemies of human liberties and rights; and citizens that are devoted believers.

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