Flydubai Passenger Jet from Dubai Crashes 59 Dead

Flydubai flight FZ981 has crashed in the southern Russian city of Rostov-on-Don killing all 59 passengers and crew on board. The flight was en route from Dubai and crashed during a landing approach.

Air-traffic control and local emergency services confirmed that the Boeing 737-800 jet crashed near the runway during a second approach in conditions of poor visibility.

“According to preliminary data, the Boeing 738 crashed in poor visibility conditions, some 50-100 meters left of the runway,”the source said.

“The plane, according to preliminary data, crashed during the second approach,” the source told Interfax.

All crew and passengers on board the plane were killed in the crash, according to the regional Emergencies Ministry.

“During the landing approach a Boeing-737 crashed. It had 55 passengers on board. All of them died,” a regional spokesman told TASS.

CCTV camera footage posted on YouTube claims to have captured the moment of the explosion as the aircraft impacted the ground. However, its authenticity could not be immediately verified.

Emergency crews are working at the scene of the crash and have already put out the fire, according to a TASS source. The airport is to remain closed until at least 6:00am Moscow time.

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  1. Flown properly, they land in foul weather all the time, or are rerouted to airports with safer weather if need be.
    It appears that the plane hit that tarmac hard to break apart as it did. Going from Dubai to landing at Rostov would have required the plane captain to ascertain whether the altimeter was properly set (would have checked with airport tower for local settings) for landing in Rostov, if it was still set to a Dubai altimeter setting, and not adjusted for Rostov, the pilot could have read an altimeter that told him he was lined up and powering down for a smooth landing, when in fact he was closer to the tarmac than his instruments read.
    That would cause an airliner to his so hard as to break up.

  2. This is what happens when Russia withdraws from Syria and stops keeping the Taliban on the run. It gives the US-NATO-Sunni Axis a taste of blood to chase the retreating:

  3. Yesterday, according to what news descriptions of the fatal crash were, I projected that the cause was connected to erroneous altimeter setting. That’s all I could conjecture at that time. Since then, other factors have emerged which were as follows:

    Not only was the weather over Rostov very rainy, but there were high winds which caused much pilot/air traffic control doubt concerning landing at Rostov at all. As a matter of fact, there was another passenger aircraft which was in that landing pattern prior to the Dubai plane,also. The pilot in command of that plane flew two circuits in the landing pattern, its pilot must have decided an attempted landing at Rostov was too hazardous. Its pilot advised Rostov air traffic control that it would fly to Krasnador, about 90 Km from Rostov, where that plane landed safely. The Dubai Boeing 737-800 made nine (9) full circuits of the Rostov landing pattern, the high ground winds had not subsided, yet the pilots decided upon landing at Rostov, nevertheless. If there was enough fuel in that plane to fly nine successive landing circuits, there certainly was adequate fuel to fly 90 KM to Krasnador and land in more favorable conditions.

    But, after flying all those circuits over Rostov, a landing was attempted. Conditions, especially high winds possibly crossing the runway, caused that plane to MISS the intended runway, it crashed hard away from designated landing strip, caught fire and burned.

    There will be an issue of hazardous weather to deal with in the crash investigation report, but surely the attempted nine landing circuits will be an issue, especially when another plane’s crew Captain decided on a failed second circuit to land at an alternative airport safely. A focus on “Pilot Error” will certainly be a key issue.The fact that the plane impacted OFF the landing strip will probably reflect that “Wind Shear” was present and sufficiently strong to blow a 737, a large enough plane, away from the landing strip even if the pilot felt he could put in down on the strip. There were no survivors reported, only the flight recorder will show evidence if it can be found intact.
    I have never flown an airliner, my only piloting experience has been in light aircraft of the military reconnaissance type. General aircraft safety procedures are common to aviation concerning all aircraft, more so in passenger transport aircraft where more lives are dependent on pilot/ground control judgment.

    Contrary to another contributor’s remark concerning this happening; this accident involving the ill-fated airliner had nothing to do with Russia’s recent decision to withdraw its military involvement in Syria’s ongoing civil war.
    This air crash had not one iota of relationship to the mortal combat of the ongoing Syrian civil war.

  4. The trajectory of the crash looked more like it was driven down into the ground, not that it missed its landing somehow. You could see it nose-diving!

    • Yes, and thank you for the observation. “Driven down” is a “wind shear” phenomenon which can be so strong when hitting the side of a plane that it will also actually blow it off its intended course,which a pilot would be struggling to maintain at the same time. If that wind gets under a plane, it can flip it over. Mother Nature is mighty strong!
      It didn’t “miss” its landing somehow, or by pilot error, that “somehow” was very real force of wind. If you’ve ever been caught in high winds, perhaps while walking, you may have felt as though such force could move you in the direction its force was blowing.

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