Can Donald Trump’s Revolution Save America?

By John W. Lillpop

If America was truly a nation where truth was recognized as a priceless virtue, Donald Trump would be hailed as a public hero for giving voice to views held privately by millions of patriotic Americans, but where said views are obscured by sinister, powerful forces that prefer political correctness to honest, open governance.

Trump’s commitment to “telling it like it is” caused him to speak out against the invasion of America by millions of illegal aliens dumped here at the behest of foreign governments. He has rightfully called for erection of a wall (paid for by foreign nations whose citizens violate our borders) to keep miscreants out, and has called for deportation of millions of parasitical weasels currently residing here unlawfully.

His common sense has caused him to demand that the flow of refugees from known sources of terror be halted, at least temporarily, until the well-being and safety of American citizens can be assured. He has made a logical and reasonable case for a carte-blanch moratorium on allowing Muslims to migrate here.

His genuine concern for America and her people has caused Donald Trump to take a personal vow to end the Deadly Ignorance which has led Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and most politicians in the Democrat Party to abandon rational thinking in favor of mindless pandering to those who practice barbaric violence in the name of religion.

Regrettably, for all of his unstinting logic and sanity, Trump has been castigated as a racist, woman-hating, xenophobic bully not worthy of respect.

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Nonetheless, Trump has defied conventional wisdom and has parlayed his astute understanding of the American people into his well-deserved position as the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party!

Given his astounding success to date, how can anyone doubt Trump’s ability to convert the Make America Great Again movement into a rousing victory in November?

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