Exposing 5 Little Known Facts about Islam Politicians and the Media Are Deliberately Concealing from You

By Christopher J. Green

“Here we go again” I thought as I read through media reports about the latest atrocity committed by a fanatic shouting “Allahu Akbar.” This particular act of murderous jihad claimed two more young innocent lives in the name of Islam, British travellers Mia Ayliffe-Chung and Thomas Jackson. Their only crime was to be in a hostel in Queensland, Australia at the wrong time.

Despite the fact that the perpetrator, named as Sami Ayad, a “Frenchman” apparently, shouted what the media incorrectly call “an Arabic phrase meaning God is greatest,” police insist there’s no evidence showing he’d been radicalized or motivated by politics. They didn’t go as far to say he’s suffering from a mental illness this time.

True to form, the media is downplaying any connection to Islam. Instead of accurately describing Ayad as a “French Muslim”, he’s portrayed as a “Frenchman.” Furthermore, the exclamation “Allahu Akbar” is not an Arabic phrase nor does it mean “God is greatest” as the duplicitous media reports state. It’s an Arabic phrase specific to Islam – not all Arabs are Muslims for goodness sake – and it means “Allah is greater.” Meaning Allah is greater than your Gods and greater than your man-made governments and laws.

These kinds of desperate attempts to disconnect from Islam atrocities committed by Muslims in the name of their deity are deployed by both politicians and the media in the aftermath of each attack. They’re deliberately concealing the truth about Islam in order to maintain the “it’s a religion of peace” narrative. It’s crucial to counter this propaganda with the truth, so here are five awkward facts about Islam that deceitful politicians and the media would rather you didn’t know.

1. Warlord Prophet – There are many unpleasant, violent stories about the prophet of Islam, Muhammad, and most unbelievers are completely unaware of them. Brainwashed by the “Islam is peace” mantra, they naively believe he was a holy prophet like Moses and Jesus; a man of peace dedicated to serving God. In fact, Muhammad was a mass-murdering warlord who waged brutal wars against unbelievers. He also tortured criminals and enslaved women. In Islam, Muhammad is regarded as “the ideal man, the perfect example” and every Muslim reveres him.

So let’s ask: If Islam is a peaceful faith, why does it have such a violent prophet? Also, how can any Muslim who reveres his violent “perfect example” be regarded as moderate? Could I be described as moderate if I revere the examples of socialist mass murderers Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong? Islam the peaceful faith with a violent, murdering prophet makes as much sense as Christianity the violent religion with a peaceful, loving messiah.

2. War Zone – Islam divides the world into two houses: The first is Dar al Islam, the house of Islam, the lands where Islam is dominant. The second is Dar al Harb, the lands of the infidels, the house of war. It is the duty of every Muslim to strive to make Islam dominant in the world by conquering the lands of Dar al Harb into Dar al Islam. This is commanded by Allah in Surah 8 ayat 39 of the Quran, a verse so important Muhammad recited it on his death bed. Such a division is clearly not a sign of peace and amounts to a declaration of war on all non-Islamic faiths.

So how do Muslims obey Allah’s command? By waging…

3. Holy War – Islamic jihad has several forms involving the struggle of the individual to become more spiritual. But it also involves the fight to conquer Dar al Harb into Dar al Islam until religion beings solely to Allah. Islam calls this fight: “Jihad al kuffar wal munafiqeen,” the fight against the unbelievers and the hypocrites. History shows that Muslims have waged this holy war against unbelievers from all faiths almost non-stop since 622.

This holy war of conquest involves more than terror and violence and includes building a mosque, attending the mosque to give worship, wearing the burka, establishing Islamic customs such as halal food, sharia banking, prayer rooms, washing facilities, observing Ramadan and celebrating Eid.

Any action that enables Islam to flourish and become dominant in Dar al Harb is jihad. Additionally, jihad is obligatory – fardh – on all Muslims, you simply can’t be a Muslim and not be a jihadist. This leads to a little-known core aspect of jihad you will never, ever see or hear in the mainstream media…

4. God Be Praised – When people in the West think of worship, they believe it involves visiting a church or temple, kneeling to pray, singing hymns and performing rituals such as vigils and Holy Communion. Worship in Islam involves much more. Any act that furthers Islam is considered as giving worship – ibadah – to Allah. All of the actions mentioned previously are considered ibadah.

But here’s the crucial difference: Muslims who gang rape infidels, who beat up and steal from unbelievers, who lie to infidels about the nature of Islam also give worship to Allah. Devout Muslims waging war in the way of Allah – jihad fisabilillah – who kill unbelievers by beheading them, bombing them, stabbing them, shooting them, mowing them down in cars and trucks are giving worship to Allah. Furthermore, they also believe Allah is acting through them. Meaning it’s actually Allah who is doing the killing, they are merely his willing instruments.

5. It’s The Law – Let’s imagine for the sake of argument that holy war is not a core tenet of Islam. No suicide bombings, no mass murders, no rape and enslavement of infidel women, no lone wolf jihad attacks. Could Islam then be described as peaceful? Unfortunately not, because Islam comes with its own legal system, the sharia.

This legal code is based on how Muhammad practised his faith and it controls all aspects of a Muslim’s life. Under sharia, the punishment for apostates and homosexuals is death. Adulterers face being thrashed within an inch of their lives or even stoned to death. Female rape victims unable to provide four male witnesses to their violation are criminalized and thieves will have their limbs amputated.

As you can see, even without the horrors of Islamic terrorism, it still wouldn’t be possible to describe Islam as peaceful.

Which raises the question: Why are all Western governments importing millions of Muslims, enabling Islam to flourish in the West and deceiving their own people about its true nature? In doing so, they’re endangering their own people and it’s innocents like Mia Ayliffe-Chung and Tom Jackson who pay the ultimate price. They’re not the first to be sacrificed to Islam and they most certainly won’t be the last.

Christopher J. Green is a syndicated author and blogger writing about Islam, Marxism, multiculturalism and the destruction of Western civilization. His blog is Christopher J Green.com and you can follow him on twitter @defiantlionuk

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