Health ‘episodes’ during debates will doom HRC’s bid for presidency


The scheduled topics for next Monday’s presidential debate include security and the economy but Americans will be tuning in to see if Hillary Clinton’s health problems are serious enough to end her bid for the presidency.  If she succumbs to prolonged, embarrassing coughing fits, faints or even shows signs of being glassy-eyed and unsteady, she’s finished.  She’ll be asked to drop out by her party (if she hasn’t already) and if the Clintons dig in their heels, things will get messy. But first things first, can she hold it together for 90 commercial-free minutes?  Democrats are no doubt nervous.

For weeks, the mainstream press mocked stories of Hillary’s health problems in the conservative media culminating with that pickle jar stunt on Jimmy Kimmel’s show August 22nd.  Things changed after the September 11th commemoration in New York.  When videos surfaced of Clinton appearing to faint, her team scrambled to come up with excuses.  The media, which had been covering for her, were exposed as frauds and any benefit of the doubt Americans had given Clinton over the health issue disappeared.

Naturally the Clintons patched things up with their friends in the media who have dutifully returned to covering for them through selective editing of potentially damaging quotes from Bill and Hillary.  But the problems haven’t stopped. HRC appeared sedated and zombie-like in a scrum after bombings in Manhattan and New Jersey.  A cancellation of another fundraiser in NC is fuelling more speculation given the absence of any explanation.

Americans have been fed a steady diet of phony excuses about her health problems. Excuses have run the gamut from exhaustion to heat exposure and dehydration to allergies and finally pneumonia. Americans deserve the truth but have gotten little of that from Clinton.  Her falling poll numbers after the September 11th ‘episode’ are a reflection of the deepening sense of mistrust Americans have for this woman.

So now, it’s crunch time and as many as 100 million Americans will be watching the debate. Can Hillary Clinton keep her health problems at bay for an hour and a half of commercial-free TV?  If she can’t, all the excuses in the world with the media there to parrot them won’t save her.



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