Deranged Left’s Take-No-Prisoners Strategy for Midterms

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Never before in our lives have we seen such corrupt calumny and hatred on spittle-flecked display


Americans and their freedom-loving friends worldwide won’t be sleeping well between now and November 6 Midterms.

While far too many already asleep at the switch see these Midterms as just another election, millions of patriots tossing restlessly in their sleep, see these Midterms for what they really are: a chance for Democrats in exile to regain power by getting even with the 63 million-plus people who cast their votes for Donald Trump—and not Hillary Clinton.

It should go without saying that their unabated high-pitched hatred knows no bounds and that there will be no restraint.

With cheerleader help from the mainstream media, the social media and Entertainment Industry heavyweights,  the Democrat Progressive-Left have squandered the last year and a half demonstrating how much they hate President Donald Trump.

They’ve now turned hurling hatred over to the media while they to out to campaign.

But the biggest difference to the masses is that they can now clearly see the deep pit into which they will force President Donald Trump with counted on compliance from a rogue Deep State.

The rat-a-tat sound of their building Trump’s coffin can be clearly heard across all U.S.  states.

Any of those still thinking that Midterms 2018 is just another election, should be reminded that just one day after Trump was inaugurated, millions went on the Big Women’s March, spreading venom of the very worst kind, worldwide.  They marched and screeched in the U.S., they marched and screeched in Canada, they marched and screeched in the U.K. plus many other places—and continue their signature screeching to this very day.

On the day of their first march, the enemy they had branded a “bigot” a “racist”  and “misogynist” had not yet served a single day!

Many are aware that as vituperative as their smears against Trump have been, they would have just as vituperatively smeared anyone who so publicly beat Hillary Clinton at the polls.

Trump’s indictable crime was beating Crooked Hillary for election before the eyes of the world

After Paul Manafort’s guilty verdict and Michael Cohen’s guilty plea this week, with immunity in the Robert Mueller 111 Special Counsel bank for all Trump associates, including National Enquirer boss David Pecker, they’re convinced the deal is sealed for certain Trump Impeachment.

Gossip rag publishers and porn queens will carry the “news” of the day while the prog-left, including Clinton and Resistance-Leader-In-Hiding former President Barack Obama are out there getting out the vote.

Convinced that Trump won’t be able to get out of the pit they intend to drag him into, they’ve already turned their visceral hatred on Vice President Mike Pence, smearing him with the big lie that he has long coveted the presidency.

And they call deplorables the spinners of conspiracy theories!

The prog-left Democrats and the Deep State have become U.S. Law with a built-in inalienable right to indict any perceived enemies at will.

Trump’s indictable crime was beating Crooked Hillary for election before the eyes of the world.

Mike Pence’s?

God forbid, he’s a CHRISTIAN!

“Pence has said that he is “a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican, in that order.” This may seem exactly backward to those who’ve watched him assume the role of sycophant in chief to an unusually sinful and not particularly conservative Republican president. But for Pence, his faith and his political ambition are closely tied, perhaps even indistinguishable. (L.A. Times, Aug. 24, 2018)

“Pence’s former schoolmates at Hanover College recall hearing him say that God planned to make him president. At the time — the late 1970s — Pence was getting to know John Gable, a senior preparing for a lifelong career as an evangelical minister. Gable helped move Pence away from the quiet Catholicism of his family and into a conservative Protestant belief system.

“The key to understanding Pence’s version of religion lies in his favorite bit of scripture, from Jeremiah, which reads, “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” This verse is now on display in the vice president’s residence. It is especially popular among Calvinists who believe that God directly orchestrates everything that happens on Earth.”

“Pence believes that God has a plan for him, and if that plan requires him to temporarily abandon his principles as well as his dignity, so be it.”

That’s Scripture, according to the holier-than-holy secular L.A. Times

That’s Scripture, according to the holier-than-holy secular L.A. Times.

While Trump wants to “Make America Great Again” while gross negativity rules the era in which we all live, Pence is a blankety-blank Christian, while many among the lib-left live to crucify Christians.

Never before in our lives have we seen such corrupt calumny and hatred on spittle-flecked display.

Unfortunately for roughly half the country, it’s a calumny and hatred destined to peak between now and November 6, with the added real life worry about what will happen if the prog-left suffer major losses in midterms with a red wave rather than their desperately needed blue one.

What will they do then?!

The Prog-Left have already gone into an unreachable crawl space where social media has shut down most l conservative voices.


They’re thumbing their noses at the rest of us, convinced they’ll be returned to power by an imaginary blue wave.

The ugly scenes being shown to us by the MSM and social media is enough to make the masses take on a “Wake us up when it’s all over” mode.

But that’s exactly what the prog-left need to feed their lifeblood hatred.

Not since World War II has the home place become so important as a work place.

Shelter at home, the safest place for both perspective and prayer.

Talk to your, family, friends and neighbors about the critical importance of getting out to vote.

Remember that among all the screeching, screaming, lies, false news and false allegations flying by day that God is still in His Heaven.

Remember, too that the Bible is always right and is a constant reminder that:“All things are passing”.

Not all battles are won by screeching, screaming and chanting in protests, but by doggedly unceasing,  fervent silent prayer.

This is the last weekend of Summer 2018.  September is just around the corner, marking two months and one week to Midterms.

Time to stay safe and stay sane in the indisputable Power of Prayer.

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