The Democrats!

by Joe David


When Pandora’s Box flipped open, after Donald Trump became President, all hell broke loose in America. What immediately flew out of the box, to many Americans’ horror, was a political plague spread by obnoxious, intolerant and insensitive Democrats out to resist the Duly Elected President of the U.S.A. in every possible way.

Without shame, the Democrats have been lying, altering facts, financing racial tension, and even rewriting history in order to discredit the President and to advance their policies and actions. Many decent people from both parties, stunned by the Democrats’ activities, have become rightfully concerned, and they are wondering: Who are these people called Democrats?

 Popular Republican pundits attribute the Democrats’ behavior to a Trump derangement syndrome. The truth of the matter is that their derangement runs deeper than Trump or his policies. To the astute observer, what seems to be detonating their madness is a profound ideological hatred for American culture, which may be rooted in what Author Shelby Steele identifies as a deep-seated racial guilt.

While responsible Americans toil for survival, the Democratic Establishment (which has significantly taken control of education, media, and government) are sugar-coating progressive views in order to redistribute wealth and to subjugate American citizens. With this end in mind, extreme progressive policies are being sold to the country as though they are solutions to modern-day socio-economic inequalities. What many people swept up in this socialistic reform movement don’t realize is that this plan to replace capitalism with socialism will only lead to two undesirable outcomes – enriching the Establishment and impoverishing the working class (best illustrated by what’s happening today in Venezuela).

Fortunately, that plot to transform America into a third-world country has led to a powerful challenge, when Donald Trump descended the escalator at Trump Tower to announce his candidacy for President. Without yielding to the external pressures from both parties, the President unveiled his “Make America Great Again” platform. To the horror of the Democrats, what seemed to be an improbable campaign platform immediately caught on and connected with the people.

With Herculean strength against huge odds, the President, since his inauguration, has been moving ahead steadfastly to achieve his goal and keep his promise.  Unfortunately, his many successes to date, instead of uniting the country have led to pandemonium among the Democrats and their followers. Without respect for fairness, truth or even constitutional law, they have stubbornly resisted the President with radical and violent acts of anarchy. The good news is that the President has exposed the true character and purpose of his resistors. The bad news is that they are angry and strong enough to cause the President and the country serious harm.

After years of infiltrating the local and federal government, the educational system, and the mainstream media, those once seemingly soft-spoken, bleeding-heart Liberals and their Republican comrades have been preparing themselves for a nuclear war, mushroom cloud and all.

What is playing out in the news and on our streets isn’t the result of any noteworthy missteps by the President. It is instead a scheme, plotted by hostile Democrats to bring down a great nation. Barack Obama set the stage for this with his divisive rhetoric and actions, and Hillary Clinton, if she hadn’t been defeated, would have completed it by supporting the Obama plan.

Despite their failure and their weakened state, the Democrats are determined to resist to the end. They are terrified that the Trump administration might disinter political scandals that could destroy many prominent Democrats and their party forever. To protect themselves, they have created many battlefronts, from our great universities to our insipid television shows like “The View.” (Example, the recent on-the-air and unsavory action of Actress Whoopi Goldberg toward Judge Jeanine Pirro.)

Many Americans observing the Democrats’ attempt at a coup d’état are justly angry. What the Establishment tells them (about the Clinton foundation, the Mueller Investigation, the Russian uranium deal, the Benghazi attack, the billion-dollar Iranian payoff, and more) conflicts with the facts and common sense.

There has never been a moment in American history within our lifetime in which so many “respectable” people in government, academia, Hollywood, and sports have hurled so many hateful words and threats at a U.S. President. (Impeach him, behead him, charge him with treason, the list goes on ad nauseam.) Trump’s successes at awakening the public to the character of the enemy while reviving the economy and bringing back constitutional rule is causing the Democrats to lose their collective minds.

What will follow, as a result, is unclear, but obviously something big is about to occur. Newspapers are uniting editorially with lynch-mob propaganda, college students and hired thugs are practicing their rebellion on college campuses and at political gatherings, and normally sensible people who have devoted their lifetime to decent living and civility are waving black flags.

America is at the crossroads. If the Republicans hold both the House and the Senate during the upcoming mid-term elections, the President will be able to complete his promise of Making America Great Again. If, on the other hand, the Democrats take control of either the House and the Senate or both, it will lead to more violence, deeper inequality, and insane spending programs. For America, the cure for the plague released when Pandora’s Box flipped open is hope – the hope that a troubled nation will again gain constitutional rule through the efforts of its lawfully elected President.


Joe David is the author of numerous articles and six books, including two novels, The Fire Within (which exposes the evil pervasive in education), and The Infidels (which examines the genocide of Christians by Muslim Turks). For more information, visit

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