Bring it on, Mr. Mueller, bring it on. A nation is waiting


Because the Robert Mueller Special Counsel hit a brick wall, coming up empty on the more than two year old Russian Collusion story, they will hand the investigation over to power-crazed Democrats to keep the baseless story rolling up to the 2020 election and even beyond.

The mainstream and social media will, of course, play the final report of the failed Mueller Investigation down, hoping to be able to continue to dupe the unwitting masses.

But independent upstart, talk show radio giant Rush Limbaugh yesterday let the spitting Mueller cat out of the bag.

Didn’t Mueller and his Hillary Clinton supporting lawyer team members know that when it comes to pinning down saboteurs, dogs always bark louder than hissing cats?

Mueller’s game plan is more machiavellian than Machiavelli.  In fact it’s been Niccolò  all the way.

To wit, with no evidence of any kind that President Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to win the 2016 presidential election, the multi-million dollar Mueller Investigation had run itself into the proverbial brick wall.

So the investigation wrap-up had to present something the public might believe and somehow convinced themselves that millions would be willing to believe that President Trump while not proven a Russian spy was, all the same, DUPED by the Russians:

…”You got Clapper here talking about “unwitting.” So I’ll tell you what I think now — and I’d be very happy to be wrong about this. (Rush Limbaugh, Feb. 20, 2019).

“I think this report is gonna name Trump, and I think this report is going to position Trump as a dupe.  It’s exactly what Clapper has said here, that Trump is so stupid and so unqualified and so unprepared for this job that we should never, ever elect another president like this.  This man has been unwittingly duped by not just Putin.

“But it will allude to perhaps others on the world stage who have been able to make a fool of Donald Trump to the great detriment of the United States.  I think that’s what it’s gonna be.  I mean, that’s the easiest way to go.  To say he’s “unwitting,” you’re not accusing him of anything then.  You’re not accusing him of being a spy.  You’re not accusing him of being an asset.  You’re not accusing him of colluding. But you’re saying it happened anyway ’cause the guy’s too stupid to know when it was happening to him.

“I just can’t believe these people that have been lying through their teeth are now all of a sudden telling the truth that Mueller’s gonna report nothing, and I also can’t believe that Mueller would report nothing.  If there is nothing, they’re not gonna report — and the nothing report is gonna be used as some giant carrot that everybody wants to see but we’re not gonna be allowed to. That’s gonna make us want to see it even more. They’re gonna dangle it out there.”

But even with the mainstream and social media downplaying the Mueller announcement,  even with the Democrats picking up the Russians-stole-the-election ball and running with it, Mueller is now trying to scale a wall impossible to scale.

In reality, he has nothing left.

It all comes down to the word ‘DUPED’.  A majority of Americans know that it was not President Trump that was duped but the American people who are being Big Time duped by the Deep State and all of its Democrat surrogates, including Barack Obama operatives.

The good news is that a roomful of Democrats are running on hating Trump as their main platform, and as long as they are, none of them will be elected.

As for the special counsel wrap-up report expected to be delivered next week?

Bring it on, Mr. Mueller, bring it on.

A nation is waiting.

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