Rev. Graham: PBS Pushes ‘LGBTQ Agenda’ in ‘Arthur’ Cartoon, Our Taxes Fund It

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Reverend Franklin Graham denounced a recent episode of the PBS cartoon “Arthur,” which showed two male characters getting married and Arthur and other characters applauding this blatant promotion of male sodomy. PBS is undeniably pushing the LGBTQ agenda, said Rev. Graham, and U.S. taxpayers are funding it.

In a May 15 post on Facebook, Rev. Graham wrote, “Do your children or grandchildren watch the cartoon ‘Arthur’? I hope not. This PBS animated series is promoting the LGBTQ agenda.”

“In a new episode, Arthur’s male third grade teacher gets married—to another male character,” reported Graham.  “During the wedding, one of the students exclaims, ‘It’s a brand new world!’ I’ll say—but not for the better.”

“PBS receives government funding—why should our government be financing programming that promotes behavior the Bible says is sinful?” said Graham.  “I sure don’t want my tax dollars going toward that.”

He continued, “I think many viewers may be surprised and disappointed in this content decision. I hope everyone will rise up and clearly tell PBS that they do not want to see this kind of programming slipped in to try to influence the hearts and minds of our children and grandchildren.”

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