Voters say ‘hell, no’ to Democrats’ free health care for illegals

By Monica Showalter

It would seem to be a no-brainer that free health care for people who’ve broken into our country with no vetting wouldn’t be a popular idea.  Free health insurance for MS-13, human-smuggling cartels, and everyone else who makes it across?  Step right up.  All Democrats on Thursday night’s debate stage raised their hands together for it.

And, well, a Rasmussen poll now shows what the public thinks of that spectacle.  According to Breitbart News:

About 5-in-9 likely U.S. voters oppose proving free health care to illegal aliens that American taxpayers pay for, a poll this month finds.

A Rasmussen Reports survey this month asked 1,000 likely U.S. voters their opinions on the sanctuary state of California’s latest law that provides full health care benefits to low-income illegal aliens who are under the age of 26-years-old.

About 55 percent, or 5-in-9, likely U.S. voters overall said they opposed providing even the lowest income illegal aliens with taxpayer-funded health care in their state. Only about 31 percent of likely voters said they supported the giant subsidy program.

Health care, after all, in the U.S. is expensive.  It’s also generally very good.  Unlike a lot of places, there are world-class treatments and innovations, as well as fairly low waiting times for treatment, enough to draw wealthy paying customers from socialized medicine countries in Europe and from Canada.

The prospect of illegals crowding the hospital waiting rooms for health services they don’t pay a penny for and bankrupting these hospitals with state-payment rates (currently, they pay nothing, of course) is rather unattractive to taxpayers.  One, they would likely see their taxes go up to pay for this scheme.  Two, they would likely also see their premiums go up as hospitals seek to cover the below-market payment rates from the state payer, with premium hikes from the paying customers.  And all this, for foreigners coming here with no regard for U.S. law or its legal process, and no history of ever paying into the system to get these “free services.”

No wonder the idea is unpopular.  Thomas Lifson pointed out to me that the numbers actually seem low, given the awfulness of the idea.  But a look at the devil’s details pushes the real numbers even higher: five in nine oppose free health care for illegals, but the question itself was in reference to California’s in-the-works scheme to fork out free health care for illegals.

Ask if they’d like this idea to be placed in their own states, and then some real levels of discontent come out:

Nearly 7-in-10 likely voters 40 to 64-years-old said they opposed taxpayer-funded health care for illegal aliens in their state, while almost 8-in-10 Republican voters said they too opposed such a plan. Even with Democrat likely voters, more than 3-in-10 said they oppose giving taxpayer-funded health care to illegal aliens, and less than half said they supported the plan.

Among swing voters, about 6-in-10, or 60 percent, said they opposed providing taxpayer-funded health care to illegal aliens, and middle class Americans are the most likely to say they oppose offering free health care benefits to illegal aliens.

Fine for California to do it — it might actually draw illegals away from their own states, reducing the illegals caseload.  But no way do most want to pay for it themselves in their own states.  Seven in 10 say no, and the percentages get higher for Republicans.  Breitbart reports that those in the $50,000 to $100,000 income range — the ones who can’t get Obamacare subsidies and have to shell out full force for both themselves and others — are the least likely to support adding foreign supplicants to the health care rolls.

To paraphrase Milton Friedman: You can have open borders.  Or you can have a welfare state.  But you sure as heck can’t have both.  The economic giant used the far more academic word, “incompatible.”  But it’s clear as day to ordinary people what he meant.

Offering free health care to foreigners in the U.S. illegally is a bomb for Democrats.  And now they own it.  Good luck with that, jackasses.

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