Open Borders: Ebola Alert Bolivia Ebola virus kills doctors infects others

Bolivia and other South American countries are receiving high risk migrants from Africa.  In a typical scenario migrants from these Ebola afflicted areas of Africa would have to go into quarantine, to make sure they are not a risk to the public. Leftist programs have decided to ignore protocol and put South American lives at risk.

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Last week, Border Patrol agents from the Del Rio Sector in Texas apprehended a group of 37 immigrants from the Republic of the Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, including families and small children, as they attempted to cross into the USA. The Ebola outbreak is raging through Congo and has sickened thousands of people, so far it has killed more than 1,500 people.

Bolivia has received international support to identify the disease, caused by a virus that would have infected at least five  people in their country so far, Ebola is not native to Bolivia it would have to have been imported in from Africa thanks to open borders.

Bolivia had to activate its sanitary protocols after several people fell ill in that country due to a still unconfirmed disease feared to be the deadly Ebola.  At least five suspected cases of infection are reported for what is presumed to be a virus, which caused the death of a doctor a little less than a month ago.

According to reports, the situation originated in the town of Caranavi, about 230 kilometers from La Paz, where the internist Ximena Cuéllar treated an African migrant with a fever before he died of unknown causes. That patient, who did not undergo laboratory tests, is considered the ‘zero case’.

Cuéllar then fell ill and moved to the capital, where he died on June 4 despite the efforts of doctors. Two of them, of last names Vidales and Ortiz, appear from Thursday between the presumed infected ones and they remain in intensive therapy with hemorrhagic fever.

“We have three suspected cases, in addition to the two doctors who are hospitalized in intensive care, two of these patients had contact with these doctors, but another did not, but they have symptoms and signs of the disease,” said the minister. Bolivian health, Gabriela Montaño, according to El Deber.

The health authorities have ruled out that influenza and other viral diseases such as dengue are behind the infections of the doctors, and in the next few hours the clarification of the pathogen is expected with the support of a Brazilian infectious disease specialist and two other EE specialists. UU., According to Montaño. For the time being it is ruled out to declare an epidemiological emergency.

In addition, from the Ministry have indicated that on Tuesday a team of experts and specialists has moved to Caranavi in ??order to conduct epidemiological research . “The searches and search of previous cases and current cases will be carried out,” he says.

Under the circumstances, the Hospital Center of this town has been reinforced with personnel, laboratory materials and training. “This week other specialists arrive from both the CDC and the PAHO, and they will continue to support protocols that are activated in this type of situation,” the document anticipates.

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