‘The Lunatic Squad’ Goes On  Tirade, Demands Special Session Of Congress To Gut 2nd Amendment

All four members of hate group called ‘The Squad’ have joined Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer in demanding a special session of Congress to address emergency legislation on gun control.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:

Ilhan Omar  a radical Islamist joined AOC by retweeting the Gabby Giffords message. Omar and Tlaib both follow the violent hate ideology of Islam.

Black, Hispanic and Islamic gang cowards have been raping, robbing and murdering people of ALL colors for decades. We have NEVER seen a single liberal voice conduct a march on Crip/Blood local inner-city hangouts demanding THEY get out of town or come out specifically condemning those animals.

I’ve NEVER seen a single proposed piece of legislation from these same liberals even attempting to outlaw those monsters from our presence. Instead, liberal Hollywood glorifies gangster imbeciles like Snoop Dogg and others by rewarding them with lucrative movie roles and featuring them on talk shows and the entertainment industry in general.

Liberal fat mouths like DeNiro make mega millions glorifying gun violence & Hollywood loves it! We’ve all recently now seen several equally monstrous young white males launch cowardly violent attacks on innocent human beings and we’ve watched those acts CORRECTLY being condemned.

But unless and until ALL these violent people are addressed . . . nothing is going to change. Demonizing white males alone, while giving a constant pass to the daily mass murder that takes place in liberal cities, is just not going to work. ALL violence (street gangs, antifa and white extremists) must EQUALLY be condemned at the SAME time and with the SAME determination. It is because of ALL these violent acts, that so many of us have resorted to our 2nd. Amend. right to at least try and protect ourselves from it . . . and we will continue to protect ourselves!

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Seized multiple items from a Gulf Cartel house along the Texas-Mexico border.

Trump tried to limit Islamic terrorism by stalling immigration from countries with known Islamic terrorist, but the left wanted nothing to do with that.  Appears Islamic terror and M13 gang terror is A Okay to these four imbecilic lunatics.

These fools want wide open border and gun control?  How can that work, how can you control guns with the border wide open and armed cartel members flowing over at free will.  They cannot have it both ways.  Cartels will also start an open market of not just bringing illegal drugs across the border, make no mistake the cartels will start a black market of selling guns to Americans too. Do we see these 4 pushing for a wall at the border to control the guns that will flow through, the answer is a huge NO!

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