Riots Erupt From Coast To Coast; Curfews; Stores Looted; Police Drag Through Streets,Activates National Guard

Things are getting bad nationwide, New York has shocking video of the police being dragged through the streets by violent leftist.

Police were being blocked by terrorist rioters as they attacked the police car, police had to force their way through to not be pulled out of the police cars by rioters.

Rioters decided to throw things as this old mans car and attack him, he stopped and got out with a bow and arrow.

He survived the attack and did a recent interview.

The violence is spreading nationwide, ironically even in lest Hollywood elites backyard.  The leftist Hollywood cronies were cheering on the rioters until the hit their shopping grounds.

Rodeo Drive is being attacked, Gucci was ransacked and looted.

Mike Tyson responded and took down the post a few hours later, the rioters did not seem to like what he has to say, he has since deleted this post.

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Leftist Terrorist destroy a police car and steal the rifles from inside.


This rioter thought it was a good idea to assault a police officer, she thought wrong.


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