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Neha has been working in a reputed company for the last many years. Neha has two little cute kids. Mahira was in her third year of Engineering. Neha made Mahira her new friend and both like each other a lot. Most of the time at home, Neha was very much with her husband and they didn’t feel anything abnormal in the friendship between Neha and Mahira.
The husband of Neha was in the marketing job. So he has to go out frequently. In the absence of her husband, Mahira was the partner of Neha. Due to the presence of Mahira around, Neha never felt like missing out her husband. Whenever her friends asked, she simply smiled and said, I like her as my special friend. Neha soon realized that she was bisexual. She never felt anything abnormal in this. It was another relationship. Her husband knew about the inclination of Neha. He was silent. Her friends advised her, if you like both, go with both the relationships and enjoy a ‘normal’ life.
Great Hindu saint and now the chief minister of Utter Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath, in December 2013, when he was a Member of Parliament, said (translated from Hindi):
“Homosexuality is dangerous to social morality. If social norms and boundaries are done away with, then there is not much difference between man and animal…I feel that to associate this kind of cheap sophistry with religious texts is gross immorality… There should be no social sanction if someone wants to do at a traffic junction what one does at home. It shouldn’t receive any constitutional status either.”
It was seen during the past decades more and more people can be seen in this type of relationship triangle. Family members and friends are aware of this choice. This bisexuality has not much attracted to the film industry. ‘Margarita with a Straw’ is a 2014 drama film deals with themes of human sexuality, self-acceptance and of inclusion. ‘Four More Shots Please’ is an Indian television web series with the story of four women as they live and love and discover tick in friendship. Fire is another erotic romantic drama film to show the homosexual relationship and a lesbian relationship of married women.
Eminent intellectual Dr.Subramanian Swamy and BJP Member of Parliament, in December 2013, said:
“Legitimising homosexuality leads to commercial profit since gay bars will be opened in all cities on foreign direct investment. It is a genetic flaw celebrated.”
But label continues to haunt bisexual people, like an incurable disorder they can’t be cured. There is a general perception they can’t be loyal. Such relationships are not permanent like marriage. It is just for gratification. They are incapable to make any gender happy and fulfilled. They are treated as confused and abnormal. ‘Sex and the City’ has this type of theme. Set and filmed in New York City on the lives of four women friends who despite their age gap, different nature and frequent-changing sex lives, remain confide in each other. It tackled sexuality, safe sex, femininity and promiscuity. They failed to explore the difference between a romantic relationship and friendship. For them, there was hardly any difference between sex and friendship.
Famous Yoga guru and Hindu seer Baba Ramdev said:
“I invite the gay community to my yoga ashram and I guarantee to cure them of homosexuality. (December 2013)”
Bisexual people are described as ‘greedy’ for pleasures. This negative narrative is widely believed and it forces many from accepting their preferences and choices. Samira, 30, discussed this with her friends. She was clear but couldn’t express. She wanted to be close with both men and women at the same time but failed. She questioned herself about the moral aspect of to be bisexual. She restrained herself. She had a similar encounter with her cousin who asked her to decide her choice. “She was more baffled to hear this from her cousin and aunt, those were very open and modern and had such flings.” That created more confusion, spiking internal phobia about bisexuality.
The controversial and fugitive Islamic preacher, Zakir Naik, said:
“Generally, naturally, no human being loves the same sex… it is not genetic.”
For, men this is added stigma to their personality. Shahrukh was a gay till 20 but now he realized that he was a bisexual. “Because of accepted views society thinks you can’t be loyal to your partner if you are bisexual. If you date a woman and she catches you in bed with a man, the shame will be inexplicable. This creates a sense of insecurity in both man and woman.
Even most of the LGBTQ community people are bisexual but openly don’t admit it. They have bi-phobia. If they come to know that their friend was bi, they will start avoiding it. Even they are hurtful if someone tries to get a suitable guy for marriage.
Another famous Hindu saint, Sadhguru tweeted on September 18, 2018:
“Somebody has a certain kind of sexual preference. It is their personal preference because every individual has the right to do whatever the … they want to do with their body because it’s their body.”
Again he tweeted on June 8, “The only real purpose of life is to explore it in its fullest depth and dimension.”
However, in big cities, people are coming out of the closet. They are building a community within a community for fun and satisfaction. By the help of Facebook, Zoom and other social sites, a support group and safe space is created for bisexual and pansexual to discuss their issues and later physical meetings. They get similar people with similar taste and choices.
This bi-people are also open to a threesome. Now we see bisexual women and men but it is still a long way to go to remove the stigma. In the interest of society and individual, we have to accept them. But now most of the family members accept this albeit after few pause and stare. After all, everything is created by God.

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