Awake Sleeping Race

When will your dawn descend, sleeping race rise;

Past was dark, yet the false glory shut your eyes,

Lost is the race that flies in dreams those never toe,

In fleeing and thrashing, they forget all woe.

Oh, coward race! come out from slumber deep,

Never forget the enemy that made bleed and weep.

Be ashamed your tolerance and your greed,

That killed consciousness, you have no creed.

Repent your cowardice and forget tolerance,

In beating and disrespect, there is no peace.

How long will you feel pride on bended knees,

Your past has no glory, only shame and dead lease.

Show valour to wipe out past shame and fear release,

Add some pride and load of fear in enemy increase.

What is the use to carry the pain and beating way,

When your enemy snatching your pleasure away.

Posted in Terrorism.