Michigan’s Soros Connected Secretary of State Refuses to Testify Before Michigan Senate on the State’s Election Audit Process

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Michigan’s Secretary of State is refusing to attend and testify in front of a Michigan Senate hearing regarding the state’s election audit process.

The Detroit Free Press reports:

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A Republican senator is renewing requests for Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson to testify before the Senate Oversight Committee, noting the Detroit Democrat has accepted other invitations at the national level.

Sen. Ed McBroom, the Vulcan Republican who chairs the Oversight Committee, sent a letter to Benson Monday after her staff informed him that she would not testify on the state’s election audit process at an April 20 hearing.

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Instead, Michigan’s director of elections, Jonathan Brater, would testify because he “directly manages” the services the committee will be discussing.

“I believe it is imperative that the state’s chief election officer, ultimately elected to and charged with making the final decisions, be present as well,” McBroom said.

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The Senate committee chairman noted he had offered to hold a pre-committee meeting with Benson to inform her of the questions and objectives of the committee and gave his cellphone number to Benson’s staff in an attempt to reach her.

Benson responded:

“Secretary Benson has repeatedly affirmed that she cannot in good conscience participate in such a charade, particularly after multiple members of the committee recently sponsored legislation to restrict the right to vote and, among other things, undermine Michigan voters’ state constitutional right to vote absentee,” Benson spokesman Jake Rollow said.

As we noted previously, Ms. Benson is closely connected to George Soros:

To No One’s Surprise – Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson Is A Product of a George Soros Secretary of State Program from 2010

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Benson directed city clerks to ignore signature matching laws in the state during this past election.  This was against the law:

BREAKING: Judge Rules MI Sec. of State Benson Directed City Clerks to Ignore Signature Matching Law on Absentee Ballots in Nov. 2020 Election

Benson also had election clerks delete all data from their election machines after the election, which is against the law.  The only reason to do this is to cover up crimes by committing new crimes:

Protest Erupts In Front Of Radical MI Sec of State Jocelyn Benson’s Home After Lawmakers Discover All MI County Clerks Were Ordered to Delete All Election Related Data From Computers [VIDEO]

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There were so many abnormalities and election crimes likely committed in Michigan that the entire election should have been done over properly with an ethical Secretary of State in power – not Benson:

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It is more than likely that President Trump won the Presidential election in Michigan bigly.  The reason this was taken from him is directly related to Michigan’s Secretary of State Benson.

Source material can be found at this site.

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