“The Length of the Height of the Recession of Water Is Longer than the Height of the Statute of Liberty” – Kamala Harris Makes Bizarre Claims About Climate Change

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Kamala Harris made some bizarre claims about climate change today from the White House.  

Kamala Harris, who’s still wearing a face mask despite reportedly being vaccinated made some bizarre claims per a video shared from the White House.

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Harris said:

Last week I was at Lake Mead, in Nevada.  I’m sure all of you know it, but to see it.  I stood there with those incredible folks who work in that area and there’s a bathtub ring which is so clearly marked.  It’s not even gradual.  It’s not like there’s a slow fade.  It’s so clearly marked, the distinction between where the water always was and where it is now.

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And the significance of that, of the contrast, just in the color is how quickly, this all changed so drastically.  And they describe the length, of the height of the recession of water, is longer than the height of the Statute of Liberty.  And this is just in the last 20 years.

And there you have it.  Kamala Harris claims Lake Mead has lost water and the obvious answer she is trying to sell is climate change.

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This is insanity.  Welcome to the communists’ next crisis. 



Source material can be found at this site.

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