DISGUSTING: California Rep. Adam Swalwell Takes Opportunity After More Than 70 Dead in Friday’s Tornado to Slam Kentucky Senator Rand Paul

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Rep. Swalwell responded to the deaths in Kentucky from Friday’s tornado with a slam of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

Twitchy reported yesterday:

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On Saturday, Sen. Rand Paul took to Twitter to let those affected by tornadoes that swept through several states Friday night know where they can access help, and what he’s doing to take action… But then of course the political ghouls came along. The list of people using the tragic natural disasters Friday night to push their agendas includes everybody from President Biden all the way to select blue checks on Twitter, and now Rep. Eric Swalwell has entered the chat:

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The responses to Swalwell were priceless.

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How did Swalwell ever get into the House and how does he stay there?  He, Schiff, Pelosi, and Waters are nowhere close to California’s finest.

Source material can be found at this site.

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